Friday, June 15, 2007


Yippy yaya...yippy yippy ya....
I've got!! Have a peep!
Stacy & Gary bought me prizie from S'pore Takashiya while they went for their business trip & holiday there. *drooling* So cute!! I love my belated b'day prizie very much!! Stacy was so thoughtful, she knew i love pig, she bought me a handmade wooden piglet keychain & a baby blue bear dated with my b'day date!! OMG! Killing me softly!
Another little adorable souvenir from Maverick, after he left his foot prints at Mount KK,Sabah,hence he brought back this cute little leather sandal keychain for me ..hehehe..utterly cute loh! My last little finger can slip inside oh..i told him my last finger can slip into it, then he told me please walk with it..*gulp* i need a pair of them instead of single to walk with one side? i need a handicap then..:P
Million thanks to all of you! ^_^

Cute little leather sandal keychai from Sabah!
Prizies from Stacy & Gary

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