Thursday, June 21, 2007

Go slowly

One day, i starts to tell myself, don't drive too fast and furious, coz normally my speed will up to 100km. But suddenly, i feel tired to go so fast, thus i slow down to 60km.

When i slow down on the road, i pondered lots... i saw lots of things that i never ever bother..
In this century, everyone tend to love everything in fast speed, includes your computer processor, your car, your meal to be served fast when you are extremely hungry, etc.
I stared at the blue sky with beautiful sunset in the evening...
I saw a flamingo stopped at the lamp pose (don't ask me why?but i saw it almost every morning on the way to work, only one place you can see the flamingo there)...
I looked at the greenery, start counting the grass and tree... any butterfly?

Do you ever ponder that why all happy moments passed so fast? happiness just like a buble, just like fireworks, beautiful but short! However, we still can cherish the sweet moments always..till we grow old.

Slow down doesn't mean bad or good, just make me to realise and see things clearly whichever i neglected in the busy life. Sometimes i do take things for granted, my bad! Whenever you lose 'em, you just regret but it's too late. I fully understand that i need to take responsibility for any consequences of whatever i do in life.

Human being are born for complain?? Even though you have something is good, you will aim beter then you want it the best and the greatest one! No doubt everyone want to chase their dream and build up own kingdom, but do we stop for a second to think of others? We never stop complaining, never be contented and satisfied with current situation, we always aim higher, set high expectation (i didn't say it's no good, it's good to have goals in life!), always not happy in life.
When we plan too precisely, the hardest destiny will comes to hit us. Then we fall, we will feel disappointed, but we learn the lesson from it. We still carry hopes towards life. Move on...
It's part of life, up and down, we have to endure all, just bear with it and deal with it. Do accept the fact and fight till end of the day.

Go slow and steady???!! Go fast and furious??!!

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