Thursday, June 21, 2007

Food Tasting

Wah! I got to taste free food tasting woh!! We wanna to taste how is the chef's cooking skill and his food presentation before we make the decision who should hire.
Some of the dishes presentation were alright, some very salty, the prawns totally tasteless. So, look good doesnt mean taste good loh!! you have to give bite and use ur taste bud and teeth chew it and digest it. The most i like is the deep fried garoupa with thai sauce..we whack till balance of the fish bone only..LOL!
The fish was AWESOME!! Sharkfin soup just plainly common taste, nothing wow factor to me. Cold and hot combination, nothing to shout about, jellyfish was bit sour, the chiken gu low yuk was delicious! sea cucumber & mushroom braised too long till too soft to bite and bit salty. The deep fried chicken with onion sauce, too much sauce, the chicken skin very soggy.
After the food tasting, we need to give the score and comments. Overall i will give 6/10, not too bad lar!~~ hehehe...*burp* so full!

ham roll with mayonnaise
jelly fish kerabu
chicken 'gu low yok'
prawn & fish roll wrapped with cabbage

hot & cold combinations
deep fried chicken with onion sauce
chicken drumstick

deep fried buttered prawns
Braised sea cucumber & mushroom
shitake mushroom
sea cucumber
see my sharkfin soup!
sharkfin soup with crab roe
Deep fried garoupa with thai sauce
The sales persons were busy chewing food
my boss was portioning the fish
Chefie & GM
The hero behind the dishes


Haizum said...

Oooh the food looks goood. *stomach growling*

Chyn^^ said...

Wow..!!! the food looks delicious, i like de shitake mushroom hehehe~~~

Jo said...

chyn, u love mushroom? i loves mushroom too...shitake, oyster, enoki , button , shimeji mushrooms all i like..:P

haizum, food sometimes looks good doesnt taste good as it suppose to be.hahaa

Chyn^^ said...

Yaya, i love mushroom, but all you say de i also like too hehehe~~ :P

piggy said...

Wakakakaka! You used the word 'whack'!