Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fruitful Day

I went to catch Shrek 3 this movie alone (again??!!Yes, i watched movie alone, so? not alone, aburthen? not always so 'han fook' to get one to accompany loh..friends always busy >_<) *really poor me* Albeit is a solo journey, i had a fruitful day, enjoy my movie and did my shopping in popular bookstore. Spent 1 hour plus to get my books and read here and there. Wow! Guess what, i found this book at new arrival session, The Lonely Planet Story which recommented by Maverick, few weeks ago he mentioned about this book and bit story about it. Sounds interesting and attractive oh..Thus i never hesitate grabbed the book from the shelve, wah! i will have 20% discount if i have popular card, YES! of coz i do have the membership. ^_^ Then i flipped the book, at the last cover i discovered this book - Extreme Cuisine: The weird & wonderful foods that people eat by Jerry Hopkin & Anthony Bourdain. I Love Anthony Bourdain's book, but i only read one of his book - Kitchen confidential which introduced by ex colleague who is an innovative chef, i like his cooking and i miss him lots he is working in a far far away place called CHINA. :P If not mistaken, you can find Kitchen Confidential in TV show now.
Besides The Lonely Planet Story, i bought another book about food material choice & food handling methods which includes some recipe as well. While i approached the cashier counter, the kind lady told me why not i purchase another pink little popular recipe cook book with RM4.88 and i can get another cook book with special price (promotion). Firstly, i can't believe her, coz she mentioned the cook book original price is RM69, but if i buy the RM4.88, then i just pay RM6.90 instead of RM69! Woot!!?? She must be kidding me!! Somehow she reassured me it's true that i just pay that rate that she has mentioned!! okay lah, of coz i don't mind to pay if this is a good cook book, flip flip, hm..not bad, if i don't need the book i can always pass on to my beloved mummy. My bill ended up RM88.88, WOW! great number...the cashier told me it's a lucky number, asked me should buy 4D. hahaha...i don't buy 4D and hardly gamble.
Okay, back to the movie. Thanks god that i've booked the ticket, otherwise no seat at all, cinema was full house!! The ticketing person was wondering when i told her i want one ticket only. hahaha.. why so surprise i watch movie alone huh? It's not a crime or stewpiak act loh..
Shrek 3 is a funny cartoon, i expected as its gonna be hilarious enough as part 1 & part 2. This time Shrek gonna be papa, "upgraded" loh... but he seems can't accept the fact and had nightmare about his future baby. Dilemma??!! Baby trauma??!! He afraid he can't handle it and become a good papa.. alo...he is not the one who pregnant woh, how come he has this kind of symptom oh?? *grin*
As usual, Shrek always be the HERO, even though he is bit clumsy & blunt. hahahaa... with his buddies in crime the puss and donkey together. The donkey's babies are so adorable, imagine donkey mixed with dragon? donkey with wing can fly?? cute!!
I tell you, i kinda obssessed at Shrek's baby, omg! Utterly CUTE loh!! I want the plush toy! fluffy one..can cuddle loh..I want ! I want! i found the toy in website gonna cost USD19.90, but not as cute as the cartoon loh.. :(

Saw this Shrek's banner

My bill with *8888*
my next target, i want to hunt for this book!
The lonely planet story
Food material choice
Get this book with RM4.88 then u can get next one for RM6.90
This book only cost me RM6.90!!


Veorence Jeannie said...

Gal, i wish i could stay somewhere near to u... so that i can borrow ur books and return u easily... keke...

I used to watch movie alone last time.. probably 2 yrs ago... n i can catch up to 3 movies in a day keke... lunch popocorn + coke, dinner also pop-corn + coke.. love to be free to be alone *sometimes*

Jo said...

yeah i wish yeah..if u stay bit near to me..hehee..then i guess our ceiling will terbalik liao..
hm..i used to be alone most of the day, and i grew up alone nothing much different, my fren bit surprise tat i can cope up a loneliness lifestyle. sometimes alone is good, u have space to ponder, figure out lots of stuff and chill out. but oh, if u do have a great companionship from someone, why not? can share everything together aint a bad idea what. but not easy to have it.