Friday, June 15, 2007

Waste Collector

During my HACCP training course, one of the sub-topic we talked about waste management. Yada...Yada...How you measure this critical control point? Bla..bla..bla, squeezing brain juice to come out the control measures.
This Italian who sat next to me, he is a good waste collector. Do you know why? He kept all the sweets wrapped paper into the empty mineral water bottle! hahaha...Very funny! In order to keep us awake in the training session, we been offers coffee break, coffee/tea, mineral water and sweets! So we ate sweets non stop, spreading around the waste packaging on the table, he will picked up one by one and put 'em into the bottle. hahaha...he was kinda bored till nothing to do, has to clean up our table and collecting waste. :P
My friends, Lynne & Rex even bet what time the bottle gonna to be fulled with the waste!!??

Look, what's that inside the bottle?
colourful art piece :P
our junk table

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