Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Eat again and again...

Last Saturday nothing much to do, done part of my house chores, passed my baby lappy to Irene let her to learn powerpoint class in her church, then went for lunch with Mav. We found a new area near by my place opened lots of restaurants and cafe, we had our lunch at 21 century noodle shop, the wantan mee taste awesome!
After lunch , we were heading to One Utama to meet up Jason aka Mashi & Ocean. Took quite some times to look for a car park. Such a long time didn't catch up with both of them, it was extremely happy loh! Ocean introduced us to try out a new outlet @ One Utama. We dine in Soho 新煮意, surprised me that i bounced into an old friend who just starts work over there as Assistant Manager. WOW! amazing huh? almost one year didnt meet her, coincidence met her there. I was busy snapping picture there, she thought i become a freak! hahaha...coz i seems snapped everything available there. She asked me am i spy or not to do market survey? come on, i aint any spy tho.. why i should become a spy? I am not running any operations nor business as well. Just as part of my interest to snap picture. ^_^ We ordered some food to munch, Ocean had fried rice & Soho signature tea smoothie, I also tried out the Soho signature tea smoothie consist of oo loong tea, strawberry puree and peach puree, Jason had fresh fruits on ice, Mav had kiss-me-not tea smootie (after he drank no one want to muak lar..hahaha) and we shared steamed siao long bao. It was my first 'virgin' experience to try out the siao long bao, my first bite..aw...the soup burst out , splashed on the table.. *paiseh* and all of them laugh at me. Then asked me to practise try 2nd siao long bao, this time i behave myself, hehehe...nothing drip out. :P Albeit the catch up session was bit too short, due to Ocean & Jason need to rush for Shrek 3 movie, but we 'zi zi zam zam' over there, *gossiping* chat non stop and keep laughing, what a great time yeah! We shall make it longer next time! If not i will break your mashi's carrot! hahahahaha...**ops**
21 Century
Roast duck with wantan mee
wantan dumpling
Braised namyu pork with wantan mee
Soho fried rice
Kiss-Me-Not tea smoothie
Fresh fruits on ice
Beautiful light deco
Soho signature tea smoothie
Siao long bao!!
ginger with vinegar dip
up close siao long bao
Macho Ocean and funny Jason diva

Ocean in shrek's green colour shirt. hehehe
Maverick was talking non-stop??
Jason Diva
Jo & BinHwa aka Jess
Soho's Menu cover
Table setup
Another corner of the restaurant
eh! so high tech! you just press the button,
the server will appear immediately!!coz they are wearing a watch!
semi private corner table

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