Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Do Miss me Please...~~ :P

Aiks... poor me! I need to be away from office, go to KL attend this Intermediate HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) course for few days... training.... quiz....exam paper in order to get certify loh... The test paper will send to UK for marking...
I need to get up by 5.30am tag along my friend's car to KL, the training will takes 8.5 hours per day...the trainer yada..yada...comprehensive information need to be absorbed into my brain, i need to act like a piece of sponge. Keep my brain juice flowing to answer his questionnaire, why he keep pick me to answer ah? even though i knew the trainer from JDC consultant for years, he needless to pick me mah... please give me a break to relax loh... have to pay attention to listen what he is yada..yada.. then morning coffee break, unlimited coffee / tea serving, lunch time, afternoon coffee break, sweets spreading around on the table, everyone keep chewing the sweets. Imagine after eating with food floating in stomach, brain tend to stop functioning to think of anything, just want to doze off. I had 4 cups coffee to keep myself awake!! drank lots of water too, keep in and out washroom. 2 hours before the class ended, i almost doze off... bloody hell, the trainer called my name again! Aiks... HELP!!!!!
I've tones of notes need to digest, need to burn oil to read all the information to prepare myself sit for the certification test... finger cross, please pray for me, wish me good luck and pass the test with flying colour loh!!! hehehe..TQ ^_^ mind you, all questionnaire gonna be subjective... :(
I will be so busy in these few days....don't miss me so much woh...
Ahem!! :p

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MavAero said...

So busy but still got time to report to me what you eat what you eat in every meal wor LOL Later we can't recognize you then you know :P