Monday, June 18, 2007

Babo Pan-Mily 巴布熊猫

Do you see 'choo choo' there?wuah! my trademark? copyright reserved woh..:P

What is this? It's Babo Pan-Mily.
what is Babo Pan-Mily?
okie, brief introduction of Babo Pan-Mily.
Babo Pan-Mily is mainly about a puppet with good hongfu and his family focusing on their daily life.In this family, each one has unique hongfu which appears in their life and creates many things which is impossible to happy in usual life.
Each family member has his own personality action and hobbies, different interesting effect is resulted from their communications and various of lifestyle. The story contains all kind of elements which conflict and assort with each other. Thus a funny and obverse impact is produce the story will express an educative content through lovely figures, comfortable scene,interesting action screen and humorous program.
The whole series of cartoon is full of sense of warmness. Although it seems that people don't care about others. They trust and love each other very much. All these reflect peoples real psychology in usual life and may be will understand valuable feelings and realize the precious persons in their life.

Honestly i didn't ever know about this creature of bear! Needless to say watch the series of cartoon. But i can tell you the bear is incredibly cute! All the above information i got it from the packaging. Million thanks to Jason aka Mashi for this lovely cute bear as my belated b'day gift!!
Firstly i saw the packaging, i was ....speechless! look, he's so thoughtful to look for the cute panda for me! OMG! Then he told me to open it first, after i opened it, i just ........#%$#^%$&^%$^!!!
Felt cheated by the packaging liao! heheehe!!! I can sense how frustrated 'pek cek' Jason was facing while he opened it after purchased. LOL!!! the bear totally different version from the packaging bottle!! Aww... All of us thought inside gonna be the cute black and white panda bear! But it's NOT!!!! it's a yellow orange bear! hehehee... Jason, nevermind, I am still love the bear..Coz i love toys!! TQ once again!! hugs!!!

Look, a cute black & white panda out there!

TahLah! Once opened it, bit disappointed liao, not the panda woh..hehehe..
it's a yellowish orange bear!! But, it's very adorable woh!!

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Chyn^^ said...

Your bear bear so cute, but why not is panda de? heheheh..