Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm Loving it!! More prawns please...more shrimps...!!

Stuffed all chopped garlic and mixed italian herbs into prawn's stomach,
let all of them marching parade on tray before i put 'em into oven to bake!!
Voila! here is my oven baked prawns with garlic & italian herbs served with flat noodle

I love prawns!!!!! give me more prawns please..little one will do...more shrimps....yummy!
I was craving for prawns, thus i cooked 'em... to satisfy my prawn's desire!! hehehehe...
Trimmed the prawn legs, removed the dirt, seasoning with salt & pepper. Then stuffed all the chopped garlic & mixed italian herbs into the prawns. Splash some olive oil on baking tray, line up all the 'fatty' prawns there...let's do prawn's parade! :P
Squeeze some orange juice on top of the prawns, then baked 'em for 10 minutes in the oven!
Voila! slurpy steaming hot prawns were ready to serve!!

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