Friday, June 29, 2007

Are you nuts??

I felt so sorry to receive such an email from one of my friend who is bit nuts and her mind always doesn't make sense to me. When i read her email, i felt bit pity of her and yet i want to burst into laugh. I doubt that do you have self-humiliation?

My Dear,
Just want to tell you that you got your authority to send e-mail to Ed, to chat with him, to meet / see him ...etc. I am ok with it, you got your authority to choose friends. You no need scared me not happy and send different e-mail to me and different e-mail to him or hide it from my acknowledgement.

Dear Jo,
When I read your this e-mail. I really very touch. It really speak out a lady heart words.
But, how much that the guy will know?
I really regret to know Ed. Sometimes, I don't want to hear his phone call, don't want to talk with him & don't want to have any relations with him anymore. But, he will come back his pitty & try to make u laugh...I told myself this guy cannot be a husband but he can be a companion.
His return let me feel angry & more hurts. He is a selfish guy!!! Every times I went out with him, his eyes never stop at other girls. Sometimes I feel very pitty to myself & his wife, how can a man treat us like that even we as a lady besides him? Not only that, I found more & more things he lie to me. He is a man that love to has many girl friends.
Do u know how hurt am I when I found it out. I really hate him, feel 100% disappointed with him. Now, I really no more love with him. Even see him, also no more feeling...because he really hurt me too much....till I don't know how to forgive him!!
Why a man can treat us like this? I have made a wrong choice to continue the relationship with him. But, I just feel not dare to forget him that we have been passed our happy times. He is a man cannot give me any future. I really hope I can leave him.
I told u because u are the one who introduce me to him. Besides that, this is a good lesson for u. It can remind u that, find a sincere, trustable, loving & hardworking man. Not because he is rich, handsome, his background, his mouth (sweety words)...These man are no point to be a bf, husband or companion.
Take care.

Well, i introduced you to Ed , i don't mean that you have to be couple with him. Yet you love his money and became a gold digger as you always called me up to show off what he bought for you as per your wish list. Should i bother and care? I don't even give a damn! As i knew Ed is a guy who always love to call others for chating and date them out. But you don't have obligation need to stick with him if you don't like him. Mind you, i would not want to involve in your relationship problem and you needness to check on me how i response towards this matter which is non-of-my business. If you need a listener, i would love to be a devoted listener but yet please not haunt me day and night even midnight you would love to disturb me for nothing. I am trying to understand how you feel and view it from different point of view but i can't help you to solve your problem if you not willing to take the action. Do not compare your men with others, end up you just hard to please yourself. If you find a better option, make up your mind to make your choice. Again, please don't compare me with you and kind of treatments that you received from others. Sometimes stay in singlehood is not a really bad situation to clear your mind and enjoy the 'Me' moments till you meet someone loves you as you do to spend some quality times together. It's not a sin to be single, it's not my fault want to be alone if i tell you i don't attach with someone. As you know, sometimes you will meet Mr right at wrong time or Mr wrong at wrong time as well. I don't blame you to make a right/ wrong decision, but make sure you learned from it and pick up the lesson to become a better person.
If you don't like it, just leave it, if you can't live without him, just deal with it.
I know you always want to know that how am i doing? You always want to live better than me, go ahead. Mind you, that's my life and i've to drive my own rules towards my life!
Nothing is smooth & last forever, that's life, always up and down! Think optimistic and out of the box!
The greatest challenge always comes with the greatest reward!
It's your call to make your decision, leave it, take it, bear with it and deal with it.

Devoid of shame! please WAKE UP!

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