Monday, June 11, 2007

Jogoya Buffet, here i come......

I've such a great pleasure been invited by Shaz, went to try out Jogoya @ StarHill Gallery with Jack, Shaz & Adam. Shaz surprised me that we gonna to dine with a local celebrity, Adam.^_^

While we were heading to StarHill,the rain was pouring heavily like cats & dogs, traffic jam pretty bad!!! We were late for the dinner appointment, thanks god that Shaz make the reservation, otherwise have to sit outside there wait for table & seat available.

I been heard of Jogoya for long time about huge spread of buffet line and food variety, this time i've the opportunity to experience it myself. *tee-hee* The buffet dinner is priced at RM88++ per person, not cheap tho.. Make sure you eat all you want and all you can!!

The ambiance is very cozy and nice, spacious restaurant with good variety food choice, i.e Taiwane food corner, sashimi & sushi counter, teppayaki corner, tempura corner, dessert counter, vegetables counter, seafood counter, BBQ grilled counter, etc. I was mesmerizing by the yummilicious food spread, don't know what to eat?! I wanna to snap more photo, but i've been stopped by the worker there not to snap photo on their food at chaffing dish. :(
But dun care lah! just took the food to my table and snap it all i want there! Mind you, their cold food temperature holding and control is damn good!! all on shaving ice based, you needless to worry to get foodborne illness (not tat easily to get) and hot food majority is action counter to
prepare a la minute cooking!! I just love it!! Majority food, you need to drop your table number clip on the bowl which with food display in front there, then the chef will prepare your food and server will serve it to your table! How impressive huh? The moment i dropped the clip then i walked off to pick my food, less than 5 minutes i got my food on my table once i back to my table.Amazing yeah! No need to worry not enough food, just to worry i've not enough stomach space to keep all the food floating inside there! hahahaha....too bad, i've small appetite, unable to try all the food, aww....gluttony is killing me...just imagine before that you were starvingfor food (empty stomach) then you will crave for more food, after that you get full till you feel want to puke! :P

We spent approximately 4 hours inside there, eating, cam whore, chatting and laughing together. Really a great indulgence!! Oh yeah, we celebrated very belated b'day for Jack as well as my belated b'day together. Shaz manage to get 2 complementary b'day chocolate mousse cake (courtesy from Jogoya) for both of us plus birthday present!! Fu-yoh! so sweet of him!! *huggies*

Guess what, Adam went to do his camera shopping @ Sg wang during the dinner time, half way he has the urge want go to hunt for new camera! He bought new Casio camera with a free 2mb memory card & a casio watch! such a good deal! He is a down-to-earth person who easily can chat along. ^_^ Yet he has a strong instinct that manage to guess my age accurately!OMG! I feel so old d....*Sob*

After dinner, we rushed to Ctr Point met up Mikel & Issac for a short chat, paid Paul a visit @ Starbuck as well. I was bloating with food and can't walk properly..:P
Phew! I reached home by 12.30am, damn tired!! But i did enjoy the outing very much!!

The side entrance of Jogoya
Table setup
table number clip
The table seating arrangement
my fresh brewed cappucino
Strawberry moichii, DELICIOUS!
Some fresh fruits...grapefruit, watermelon, honeydew, grapes
Some desserts, tiramisu, cheese tart and steamed egg
Passion fruit sorbet (stimulate your appetite)
Grilled salmon head
cheesy escargot (snail)
Steamed siew mai dumpling
Pick your favourite seasonal fish, chef will steam it for you!
Strawberry ice blended
Movenpick ice cream from swiss, HEAVENLY yummy!
Beef tortila wrap, prawn tempura, hollandaise sauce with oyster & seafood puff
cheessy crab
fresh fishes on ice
Assorted vegetables
tuna, raw salmon, butter fish, scallop, japanese ginger pickle
I love this, Taiwanese steamed rice with minced meat!!
Fresh oyster
Gigantic oyster!! ~slurp~
Meat skewers
3 eggs style tofu, potato salad, shrimp with pineapple and shitake mushroom
Assorted Cookies
Heavenly chilled coconuts
All your choice of moichii!
Strawberry moichi
Lonely coconut??
The steno burner on table
Black chicken herbs soup!! steamy hot!
Steamed stuffed beancurd & cabbage
Sushi counter
vegetable soup in paper
Burning??!! keep it warm..soup served in paper, wondering why it won't get burn?
Jack was enjoying his food!
Macho Shaz
Adam cam whore session
Jo & Jack
See the crowd?
Jogoya's paper napkin
Lovely teapot
They teach you how to have proper eating sequence step by step
Best buddy in 2, Shaz & Jack
Another table at corner

They were busy with the new gadget, new baby
make a wish , blow the candle!
My lovely b'day cake
Jack with his b'day present & cake, all courtesy from Shaz!
Jo with b'day present & cake! Thanks Shaz!
3 masketeers, Adam, Shaz & Jack
My present, a cute puppy
Just 4 of us!
We spotted this sweet pretty hostess, Jenny in pink cheongsam!


MavAero said...

One word......."fei" :P After eating the buffet must be feeling "kam ka fei" right? :P Okay, next time I will go there to try~

Jo said...

aiyo...drink water whole nite day oso FEI ah? i had 4 coconuts woh! inside stomach full of water, my fren said m siao liao..drink so much water for what, then bloated liao..
yeah lah fei fei loh...m small fei fei, u r big fei fei loh..hahaha
tat day purposely buzz u but u zzzz woh..too bad loh..
next time we shall go try again, i am still not 'kam yuen' too little liao..nv hav chance try all woh...beh tahan!
if u go woh, bring me inside ur pocket ok?hahahaa

piggy said...

i'm green with envy looking at the food pictures!!!!!

Veorence Jeannie said...

Hi Babe, i tried the Paper SteamBoat @ Sushi Tei SG also...wondering y it wont get burn keke...

Wow.. out with Handsome wor... *envy* keke...

Mav : can put me inside ur bag & bring me together next time if u goin?? Plssss
*am too BIG to put inside pocket haha*