Monday, June 04, 2007

Birthday Retreat

My buddy, Irene spent some quality times with me , she gave me a wonderful birthday retreat. She went extra mile to purchase the movie ticket in advanced, we enjoyed our movie at Summit GSC THX. (well, it was my 2nd time to watch this movie, hopefully i won't fall asleep inside there.*wink*) **Somehow i still dozed off in the cinema**

After the movie, we did bit shopping @ Summit. Wandered around, see see
& look look what those shops are selling. Till our stomach was
craving for food, then we went toBandar Puteri Hunt for food. We went to try this Steamboat shop for shabu-shabu @ RM25.00++ per person, steamboat buffet all you can eat!! Just pick your food from the conveyer , simply and fast! Mind you, you gonna to have individual steamboat pot, needless to share with other, you can adjust your fire as well.
SYOK to the MAX!! Sounds hygienic oh?!! I love the thinly sliced of meat...veryCHUN!!! One thing i dislike, there's no dessert to be served!! -___-
But we ended up our dessert at STEAK OUT, for Strawberry Normanoff~
Strawberry infused in orange juice, served with a scoop of vanilla ice
cream and topped with almond flakes. Both of us shared the dessert, it
was kinda small portion. But who care?!! As long as it tasted
HEAVENLY!! ~slurpy~
Gazillion Thanks to Irene for her lovely dinner treat!!
I had a Great Time!! Oh yeah..Gaining some weights!! :p

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