Thursday, June 07, 2007

Catch up!~~ Ketchup~~

One of my buddy, Jchanet who ages i didn't catch up with and she paid me a surprise visit at my working place. It's great to see her again after so long, i guess more than 6 months i didn't see her in person. We used to go hang out together back in college time, time flies..
We had our lunch @ Azur, sat for 2 hours, so much to talk about life, work, relationship, etc..gossiping.. hahaha...It's so FUN and interesting to listen to her new stories. ^-^
Eventhough i seldom see her, we still keep in touch and keep updating each other. She used to call me as her 'dear dear', hold my hand while we went to shopping, people will thought we are lesbo! muahahaha! GOSH! I bet you, all her admirers and bf all get jealous about it! *evin grin*

Lovely flower
Jchanet 'dear dear' :p
Oven-baked curry oxtail soup
Oven baked wellington tenderloin with mushroom souce
Grilled marinated sirloin served with garlic mashed potato
Caesar salad

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