Monday, November 28, 2005

Would you go on a blind date?

Do you ever go for a blind date before?
Come on, be honest.
What's so called blind date?
Quick Definitions: a participant in a blind date (someone you meet for the first
time when you have a date with them) noun: a date with a stranger
With the Internet, the blind date is vanishing.

Typing fingers have replaced sweaty palms. Computer chimes substitute for
awkward silences. And Internet supersleuths who want to know what they're
getting into are phasing out the blind date.

You can get online to research a person and find out who they are before meeting them,It's never really a blind date anymore. Using the Web to research people before making contact is becoming the norm for many people. They want to see everything from a potential date's picture to his or her credit history. Love might be many things, but with the Web, blind doesn't have to be one of them.

Technological improvements made possible another way of imagining human relationships. Before, dating was the product of fate, luck and the quest for romance.
Now, some would-be daters want to imagine a world where you take the fate and luck aspects out and put in some sort of rationality. Technology has made anonymity largely a thing of the past. The Internet is now the little black book, a clearinghouse to meet and research potential dates.

It's bit "creepy" to know little details about a person before a first date. So you have to discover a person by yourself, whether he /she is trustworthy as a friend.
At the end of the day, what matters in dating is how well people get along and whether they're attracted to one another.

You can exchange photo before you decide whether wanna to meet up or not. But sometimes, it seems to be fun if you don't really want to bother how the person look like, just bring your excited feel to make a friend. Also, it would give some spaces for fantasizing... :P Why not? Or you wanna to pray "prank", hide at one of the corner call up the person, if you are able to identify the person but you out of suddenly don't feel wanna to meet up, then u just can disappear like that. *sounds very bad yeah* don't you feel sinful? hahaha...

I did go for blind date. *wink*
Why? erm..may be life is bit boring, wanna spice up my social circle, no harm to get know more friends.
But i been to anti-social sometimes..wondering why as well? Sometimes i just feel wanna to see anyone beside only go to work and back home. Everything just deal on phone calls or computer screen if possible. Well, sometimes i am a FREAK!

I've met up many net friends, dun't get me wrong, i'm not prune towards my net friends. Some of them really good in reality, is a gem. Some you not even can "click" with, then just say hi and go then. Some become my buddy in my life, whenever i need help they will try their best to help me up. Sometimes i do need a good listener, then one will be there for me to share my thoughts and listen to me. There are some people i know for years but i dun even want to meet them up. I've dun have the urge to do so, wondering why?

But..But.. must be careful, don't fall into the trap yeah.. You can't avoid to meet up someone is pervert and desperate one. Just be alert! Watch out ur ass.

So, boys and gals, what is your comment? Tell me about yours...

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Azxel said...

My blind dates were like this.
I go out on a date with someone I hardly know. I come back blind. *lol*