Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Honeymoon week

This week gonna be my "honeymoon" week in office. do you know why?
The very good reason is my "pushy" boss is on leave for one whole week. so everyone gonna be so happy about it, without him we can work in peace. He always "kan cheong"..pathentic person. Will make the whole damn situation become worst and panic.. As u know if one is not capable enough, always worry that people come to challenge and mess around. Always need to take credits, bullshitting to cover his own ass as well as "apple polishing" to the top management in order to survive in peace. Whenever something bad happened, he will create a havoc.. actually just a small issue he will make it big! screw everyone in his team, demotivate us. Not even give us solutions..but ask us for solutions indeed. Sometimes just do something really stewpiak where else no one will understand except his goodself. The way he communicate to you, you need some times to digest it and re-phrase what he really wanna to express himself. Most of the people mentioned to me, they don't really understand his superb "pakisenglish", like rojak language. @#$%#$%#$^$% So i need to pay extra attention to listen what he really wan to talk about. Sometimes he just can't use simple english and used up the wrong english term. Gosh!
He not even can dial others phone number to call up others, need go thru me to dial or operator. He not even can communicate with his staff as well, i become the media to channel / convey the message. Now eventhough he is on leave but keep calling my mobile, damn it!
He used to call me 7 times per day during last year christmas, for nothing. SMS me non stop want me to remember to remind him this n that when i back to work. Come on, what's the purpose u bought a PDA phone for? Hello idiot, i was on leave, pls DND!!! WTF?!
Imagine he called me up in 12 a.m midnight asked me :"where are you huh? my wireless mouse at home is not working now, i can't shut down my pc!" Ass hole, of coz i back home already what. I told him just plug off the main switch, otherwise is your batery running out, to change new one and reset your mouse and make sure the sensor is working as well. really big motherfucker!
well well well, i really hope this week times will going to pass very slow ..slow..then i can enjoy my sweet honeymoon period without any hassle.

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