Thursday, November 03, 2005

Death is certain, Life is uncertain

These words are a clarion call reminding us of the need to put our own stuff in order, morally and philosophically, without delay, and to face each day as if it were our last.

Death is the only absolutely certain thing in life, yet how many of us plan for it and prepare ourselves adequately in advance to face it calmly? I think NO ONE will think of it. Everyone is scared of death, wonder what the life is after the death.

All human beings must die. The body disintegrates, breaks apart, and turns to ashes and dust. May be a few things we own that remains with us are memories, belongings (i.e. photos) and painful grieves.

There is no panacea for us. After all, might need a placebo to ease the pain.
We should appreciate the altruistic joy, the desire to see others rejoicing in their happiness, the ability to share the happiness and success of others. How often we share the sorrow and unhappiness with others?

No matter what, we should cherish the sweet moments, spend the quality times with beloved family and improve the quality of life. The stressful lifestyle has driven us crazy, just named it: mind with lust, mind with anger, mind with jealousy, mind of sorrow, etc. Everyone seems to focus on career achievement and exclusive stress on material development, tend to forget what is important in life? Then, look for lust in relationship, perhaps lucky enough to get a soul mate to accompany throughout the path of life.

Life is uncertain indeed, should enjoy to the fullest. Take a short break to consider how to get a fruitful life without regret.

“SEEING THAT LIFE involves incessant change and that it is subject to many forms of suffering, one with right understanding learns to live simply and to regulate desire. A wise and virtuous person is moderate in his/her desires and follows the middle way in all matters. Understanding the close connection between craving and suffering, he will realize the importance of holding desire in check by simple living.”

Happiness is independent of external things, though of course a certain degree of material security is necessary as a basis for inner development.

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