Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ladette to Lady

Tonight was channel hoping session….What a boring night!! I know I have no life..some friend really mentioned that to me..”U are boring !!” ..yeah…insipid life…keep pressing the remote control..

After Korean soap drama episode..then LOST..then TV3 unknown HK show..Then a funny show called CHASE.. end up an interesting show called Ladette to Lady.
When I on it , it was on more than 15 min I presumed. So just cut the crap, there are 6 ladette in the show, they need to go through all kind of training for 3 weeks how to become and behave like a lady..Erm… wondering yeah..

Look, There are April, Jessica, Rachel, Claire, **ops..i forgotten another two lady’s name** just named them as P & L.
Non of them look gorgeous.. All are FAT ASS, except April has a good shape and blonde hair (another dumb blonde?!!)

Firstly, I saw the teacher taught them how to enhance their boobs, how to pick a bra and wear a bra…blablabla…screen showed up they all tried up different designed bras…most of them were surprising to see a wonder bra..hahaha…lace bra can show off nice nipple..mind you..it’s so common to talk about bras..okay… push up bra to enhance cleavage…

Then following by learn flower arrangement..Learning how to pick a nice flower from a farm…Kewl! That is a skill should pick up!! Can make alots of money!!

Another session, teacher showed how to make own corset!! Oh Man! Wearing a corset will reduce at least 2 inches of your body size, push up the boob with deep cleavage, flat tummy..hour glass body shape.. **mind you that you will suffering that can’t taste much good food on table later on** muahahahahhaaaaa..o_O…^o^

Wow..i love the kitchen training part!! Recall back my culinary training…*wink*
Teacher was demonstrating how to “kill” a live lobster. One of the ladette was freak out and cried out her eye ball. That’s so funny! Lobster is not that scary tho… end up teacher only let them “slaughter” the cooked lobster..just get the chef knife and cut the lobster into half..nah..just portioning into half..nothing special…hahaha…

Another session, table etiquette. Basic 4 courses table set up and how to eat bread roll. Of cause eat the bread with finger and mouth tho..STEWPIAK! Jessica told the teacher, “nah..i don’t eat this n that one..i will throw out if I don’t like the food or those food I never try before..” The teacher told her off, “ no matter what, if you dislike the food, you still need to cut it into small portion and try out bit, this is a manner”. *grin*
The teacher really gave Jessica a hard time on table etiquette session. Jessica just swears like nobody business at the back corridor. **BITCH**

Okay, the BIG DAY is coming! All ladette been sent to a country house at New Yorkshire. A big bungalow with butlers and maids. The teacher randomly check the ladette’s luggage too, see how they behave like a lady. Guess what? Jessica’s luggage has been checked, all her clothes folded up side down, luggage packed in a mess.

At the same time, those eligible bachelors also check-in together. They were so thrilled and eagerly wanna to meet up some CHUN chic! ** hope they won’t be so disappointed**

The excited moment is coming… All ladette were busy dress up, make up, adjusting their bra in order to attract more attentions.. black gown, maroon gown, silver gown, red gown, green gown…

The ladette came down by pair by pair to the dining room….mingle around with those eligible bachelors and had a great time at cocktail reception. Then proceed to dinner time… some of the chic tried hard to vow the host and the bachelors… One of the funny shot, server served asparagus with olive oil, Rachel just wondering how to eat it…She just sit patiently and calm, observed how the bachelor start to eat the asparagus.. Oh yeah, she realized that eat the asparagus with fingers.. then she just followed take a bite..
Jessica was the terrible one, she tried on the Consumé and had quarrel with her trainer in front of the bachelor. What a waste, will tarnish her reputation and pull down her mark end of the day.

After dinner, billiard games and drinking session. All of them flirting and get drunk together. Some even misbehave themselves. Of cause had a great time together.

The next day breakfast session, everyone has a mutual look seems enjoy very much the companionship. After all, the tough time is coming. Evaluation session for all ladette which conducted by 4 teachers cum trainers. All of them will be evaluated one by one. End of the day, one of them will be OUT! Those remain one will keep for next episode and being continuous their training sessions and become a future “lady”. What a surprise, April was OUT! I think the teachers are blind!! Erm…favoritism!!! She has a perfect body, nice boob and she is blonde! Well, that’s her faith and destiny. The rest all with ugly look, fat tummy..sigh…but still can remain in the group. Look forward to next LADETT TO LADY yeah….!!!

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