Saturday, November 26, 2005


This morning i woke up late..of coz i know will be late to work..*grin*
yeah..i know better than others. why i so tired ? anyway, i always can't wake up on time, coz love to lying on bed..wasting times..cuddle pillows..
Today is cultural day, so i can wear Malaysia traditional clothes..let see, today no mood to wear baju kurung, ok..i know it's bit late to be picky, so i just pick a cheongsam design (sam fu) blouse with a black skirt...done my make up and hair..ready to go...QUICK QUICK...
so i just drove my car..heading the highway..i hope today should be a blissful day..since i was so stressed out for past few days and being so "kek sam" and pissed off (bcoz of my BOSS). La la la la...on my favourite CD..listening to the song..while i reached the SMART TAG lane, how come i canot go thru one? Oppss...what a shame! i forgot to put up my smart tag on screen..damn.. thanks god the car behind me came so close to me, end up the system read his card, so i just drove passed the lane. hahaha... then that car was stucked there...ops ops..sorry i bit blur sotong...

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