Monday, November 07, 2005

Lovely China Doll

This is a dolly from Eve Lynn, she gave it to me when i met her up for lunch. I was so happy that she really remember me and bought me a souvenier from China. So sweet yeah! ^o^ Thanks alot, Eve!
Today 2 lovely babe, Bee Fong and Eve Lynn came for lunch with me, we picked and choose, end up with buffet. What a shame that said as having thai promotion, but seems nothing to eat!!
Look at the appetizer counter, one hand count, not more than 10 types of appetizers. Look at main course counter, evenworst! less than 6 chafing dish, carving station went missing, action counter chef was missing in action. End up Bee Fong was cooking pasta for us, 3 of us were chit chating there, suddenly one big fat ass lady came, asked Bee Fong: "Hey, what's is this ah?"
Aiyo..u blind keh? pasta canot see meh..then she pointed 3 bowls of sauce, asked again:" what sauce is that ah?" The most ridiculous was, the fat ass bitch told Bee Fong that : "Hey, i want this with white sauce." Then she walked off. Both of us just "stunned" there... WTF! hello..bitch, we are guest too. Anyway, Bee Fong was so kind enuff cook pasta for her.
We really had a great time together, catch up some gossips and talk crap..:P

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