Wednesday, November 16, 2005

DoDoBird Camera

This morning Dodo Bird aka Netto proudly presented his new camera to us (my boss, me and sleepy beauty). He has the initiative to tell my boss that he wanna to do photo shooting for all beverages. Sounds good, at least he has some improvement yeah! Just wondering what kind of drama he wanna to act. *wink* ~ pondering~

Netto: Boss, look here's my new toy..and i bought a roll of film too. I'm planning to do photo shoting for the cocktail session.

Boss: Let me see, what's that? Whalao..What's that ah...your new toy camera looks like "real toy" instead of real camera. Look, it looks so FAKE, why tis all made from plastic aluminium one. sorry to say, this is the first time i saw the most lousy camera in the world!

Netto: Boss, It costs me RM1000 over lah..It's good and latest camera lah..OLYMPIA JAPAN you know that? modern one..many people used it in Japan one..

Boss: Are you sure or not? It's a plastic piece of thingy. Not a camera must be kidding me for this so called modern big pieace..long and bulky with lousy design. where you bought it from?

Netto: I bought from PETALING STREET!! boss.

Boss: * laugh out loud * @#$%#$^% What? i think you been cheated lah..come on..dun waste your money. U are saying this camera can do digital and manul film? sure?

Netto: Yes, he shopkeeper said so. But i still don't know how to use it. it's brand new.

Me: Where's the warranty card ah? No identification as well? a piece of manual? seems not manual leh..I also never see this kind of design also (very very old and outdated one..remember wong fei hong's movie huh? with string pulling one). Also, look at the logo, totally is not olympia original logo lah..look, the on and off button like baby toy's button. I also duno how to operate it.
* Trying out the camera * the lense totally canot focus and twist..GOSH...(P/S: Only got OLYMPUS CAMERA LAH, where got OLYMPIA one)

Boss: I think you bought the wrong camera..why not i lend you my digital camera, then u shoot and have a look whether is nice or not, no need waste money to buy the film with negative one, and you can't actually view the picture.

Sleepy Beauty: * nod nod * yeah yeah...this is dinosaur camera. How come u bought it in Petaling street? cheap ah?

Boss: Not worth it should bring someone know camera one and dun simply waste your money for this junk!

Netto: Erm..i still think it's good enough!i wan to try my own new toy camera lah.

Boss: Wait, listen to me. I'm boss. tomorrow i will bring my digital camera, so you gonna to prepare the all cocktail mis-en-place wait for photo shooting. okay? I don't trust your camera!! later wasting time and afford..

Netto: *sour papaya face* okay lah..

Sleepy beauty: That's Mr. Bean's Camera version !!!

Netto: *speechless*

What a big joke in the morning! This DoDo Bird aka Netto always does something stewpiak and talk nonsense. Crappy person! Always said how good is smart is he..end of the day did all stewpiak stuff. DUMB ASS! make people around here suffering and need to collect shit for him. Futhermore, he has Sleepy Beauty as his strong back up, coz Sleepy Beauty always will support him. U know that? Father & Son!! Why so called Sleepy beauty? This Sleepy beauty also known as Slow Moving Item.He can talk half way just doze off.. haha..eye lid half open..always in day dream...walking in slow motion..everything lacking..ask him everything always say "dunno"..ehhehe....

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