Thursday, November 17, 2005

Light of my life

You are the light of my life; you used to be the one..
The fire in the heart, the star in the sky, always shine…
But I’ve lost you forever ever since the moment you’ve gone…
Look what you’ve done..

You will cover the blanket for me and put me to bed, pat my back… ensure the water bottle is at my side whenever I needed…to adjust the fan / air-con not so cold for me…

You will give me morning call everyday without fail to get me up to work. Every night will give me good night call too. No matter how late I back home, u will wait for my call and ensure I reach home safe.

You will do all mis-en-place for me whenever I cook in the kitchen. You are such a great kitchen helper. You never ever let me do pot washing and dish washing. You will go shop with me together whenever I need.

Whenever you fetch me back to hometown, you will check my car. Put my soft toy, pillow and blanket into the car. You will on my favourite music or turn on my favourite radio channel to put me to sleep in the car. You will stop at perhentian and get me some snacks, fruits and drinks. Whenever we go vacation, you will help me to pack my luggage and unpack my luggage.

You will let me make decision where to eat and what to eat. You will bring me go Yong tofu, Fried wan tan mee, Loh mee, Japanese food, Pan mee, Yin Yeon noodle, steam boat, etc. Every Saturday night you will bring me go McDonald get my favourite French fries, sundae ice cream, apple pie and ribena drink. Some nights at mamak for dosai, roti banana, malay stall tom yam soup, Chinese stall pork porridge and curry mee. No matter how late I crave for apple juice or others food, you will go out and grab for me!!

You always be the good listener. Whenever I being depressed, vexed, feel so down, frustrated, unhappy…you always be there for me, listen to my craps…my complaints… lend me your shoulder to cry on..

You will help to do house chores …mop floor, do laundry… never let me wash my car..just spoilt me badly.

When I so exhausted and tired, you will massage me.. rejuvenate me…Sometimes you will help to comb my hair after my showed.

You always show your care and love to others…but you not even care and love yourself, always spoilt your health till the day was coming and was too late to regret not being a good boy.

You’ve given me lots of happiness, even though we fight and quarrel for small matter, but it won’t tarnish our relationship.

You passed away in June 2005, we all miss you dearly and you will always be remembered as a kind, jovial, happy and a charming man. We miss you but your spirit is very much alive in our beautiful and fond memories of you.

I am very much grateful to have you in my life before, from the moment you step into my heart…. I do cherish those priceless moments and keep you closed to my heart.

Life is so fragile and in such times, one can only seek solace in one’s own family. But when they are not there, it is by having faith in what is good and true that will pull you through. Despite all these happened in 2005, I am glad to accept the outcomes with courage and supports. Life does indeed go on…

Be still my little heart, for I am at peace.

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