Monday, November 21, 2005

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Hurray! Finally i manage to catch Harry Potter this movie on time with Lynne.
I woke up kinda late and rushed to the cinema collect ticket..phew..i was so lucky manage to find a carpark.. reached the cinema..whalao..long scary..coz Lynne told me..don worry lah..this IOI mall cinema sure got no people one. Thanks god that we 've reserved the ticket, so faster approached ticket counter, finally found out we can't sit together, because the line only allow one person and system also not allow. So that day i booked one ticket each time. End up we have to sit separately..and the cinema was full house! DAMN! No choice lah..
After collected ticket, we went Mcdonald. I had beef burger..yum yum..
Went inside the cinema on time, some people really irritating one. seems blind, can't find the number simply said others sit on his seat..blardy hell, thanks god is not my seat, if not i will open my mouth and shot him. Some couple came so already started..stand up and move in n out blocking view..damn..i feel wan to throw my shoe on them!! totally no sense of respect to others..and the uncle sit next to me ..another freak..keep looking at me...sitting style like at home..body full of ciggy smell..yuck! come on..look at the dark, nothing else u can see, be concentrated on ur screen!!
erm..this part of Harry Potter was GREAT! but Harry Potter no more cuteness, he has grown up..ahaha... looking forward next part of Harry Potter..^o^


kyels said...


Harry Potter was awesome! And yes, the cineplex was full. Man, unbelievable. But still the books are unbeatable. :) Harry looked older and I think Draco looks quite handsome albeit he's the baddie. Lol.


Jo said...

oh yeah..kyels..the baddie always be the handsome one..wondering why..
the harry potter's book is too thick for me to digest..i will doze is fastest way for me to digest tho..*wink* oh yeah..i miss LOTR..orlando bloom..haahhaa