Monday, November 07, 2005

What dreadful car service!!!

Last saturday when i back to town, Lee Xian informed me that my car seems got oil leakage. she saw some red engine oil dripping out. I was bit panic, in my mind "shit, i need to spend money again for my car!!"
I know nothing about car thingy, i just know how to start and drive it all the way out. I just sent my car to car service 2 weeks ago and cost me RM2xx over for that. That's impossible that my kinda new baby car got problem. I sms my buddy seek for advise n solutions. One thing for sure that the technician was lousy,didnt pay attention and for GOD SAKE provided poor service and charge me a bomb! Keep pursuits me to change this and that. So i decided change my gear box oil plus normal car service.
Till aftern Ah Siong came and check for me, he also not so sure. Fortunately, Lee Xian introduced me to another member's workshop (WJ). So quickly drove to the workshop, eagerly wanna to know what's wrong with my car. Finally, found out that the FUCKING STEWPIAK technician didn't screw back the gear box nut. So gear box oil was dripping out from the gear box. Holy SHIT! What da heck the OSAGA's technician did, how the service ctr do business one, okay, the lousy service ctr is OSAGA service ctr which is authorized dealer service ctr for Honda & Hyundai. Dare to charge me and provides lousy service. Wondering how they do business one!? If the technician can did that to my car, why not to others too? Thanks god that, the nut didn't get missing, the kind WJ's technician helped me to tighten up the nut and double check the oil.
I was so upset towards this OSAGA service ctr, absolutely in my black list now! What dreadful car service i ever had. That was my first time sent my car there for service, also the last time too! Mind you, don't go there!!
Bloody Hell, this morning i called up the OSAGA service ctr, i screwed them up nicely. Then the clerk mentioned will inform the boss and call me back for solution. Also asked me for my car repaired receipt thus i can claim from them. Please lah! you think i have no money to pay or i will still go back there again? Just forget it! This kind of technician should get FIRED! Imagine if my gear box oil drip till dry up, i need to change the whole damn thing and spent another few thousand for that? That's awful experienced!
For GOD SAKE, please improve the customer service and charge with reasonable price. ASS HOLE!

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