Monday, November 28, 2005

Do you miss me?

[11:41:59 PM] mocking bird says: miss me?
[11:56:36 PM] Jo@nn says: why miss ya
[11:56:59 PM] mocking bird says: asking u...miss or not...
[11:57:21 PM] Jo@nn says: i duno
[11:57:26 PM] mocking bird says: huh?
[11:57:29 PM] Jo@nn says: too many people ask me this question today
[11:57:35 PM] mocking bird says: dun wanna me be ur bf?
[12:00:46 AM] Jo@nn says: y u wan to bcome my bf
[12:00:47 AM] Jo@nn says: lol
[12:00:54 AM] mocking bird says: i like u
[12:01:42 AM] Jo@nn says: if everyone said he like me
[12:01:46 AM] Jo@nn says: i need to bcome his gf?
[12:01:48 AM] Jo@nn says: u must b kidding me

I'm being so sick to answer this kind of question again..coz in a day 3 people asked me the same question " DO U MISS ME?"
Why not you straight away tell me that you do miss me instead of want me to answer first that i miss you then u only see my reaction and give me ur answer?
I wondering someone never meet me before and tell me he miss me alots! what a ridiculous statement! I don't fool around with emotion..don't have such time and energy to fool with my feeling and love as well.
If you call me and tell me that you miss me, you miss my voice..that i can understand if you do really know me in person. Just dun simply bullshit me that you miss me if you know nothing about me!!!
and always force me to answer such a silly question again and again everyday..everytime..If i say i don't really miss you, you will get upset that why i don't and u do?
If you have gut, come and tell me straight forward that you really do miss me and come drop by see me for a drink for GOD SAKE! If i don't call or sms you, u might think of i heartless being a fren like that way. If i do keep disturbing, you will feel so annoying. I better keep myself far away from social circle then.. let u all miss me like nuts yeah..!
Sometimes i really don't know what you all really want from me and how i gonna to answer this type of question!?
I really do appreciate someone truly can remember me and do miss me as a friend here indeed!

"Are you thinking of me?
Are our minds on the same thing?
These feelings inside,
So new, yet so tender.
At least I can remember."

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