Thursday, November 17, 2005

Rejuvenate...Indulge myself..

My yummy steamed egg with choy bow
Body Shop Peppermint Foot Scrub

This evening i've told myself in the office..i gonna to pamper myself tonight...^o^
I was surfing net in office till 8.40pm, reached home after 9.20pm.
Erm..tonight i craves for egg again...let me see what i can cook..YES! steam egg!!!!
So i cooked steamed egg with choy bow..then i heading to take my own sweet time for showering...lalalala..hey, dun peep ok!
I used orange and honey shower gel with uplifting orange refreshing..(coz i was being so sleepy head in office, dozed off 2 coffee in the morning)Thus, i need some "refreshment".
Then i enjoyed peppermin cooling pumice foot scrub from body nice! what a heaven...the peppermint oil helps revitalise tired feet. After that, can feel the feet so smooth.. SYOK!!**Remember to get their peppermint foot spray, nice nice!!**
After done my shower, did my facial mask..coz these days pop up lots of pimples..damn it! need Clinique emergency clay mask to help me!!! pls help me!!
deng deng deng deng...time for dinner...check my steamed egg nice!yum yum! let me taste it first, wahlao! damn "tau-fu-fah"..hurray! next time can let mummy try it!
What a day...after a tiring working day..should indulge myself yeah...NO SHIT!

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