Thursday, November 10, 2005

SFSMS Finally Overed!

Yesterday was a shitty day!
People get paranoid and panic...Sigh..the first person was the ORANG TUA!
Everyone running around like chicken without head, doing cleaning tasks and checking for all outlets and kitchens, to ensure everything is up to standard and tiptop. Don't let the auditor pick and find the defects and mistakes. Short training session was going for newbies.
I just being relax in office, pretend very busy checking my documents..keke..don really wan to give a damn shit!
then what happen was..this orang tua came and told me 4 times in a day..that want me to check others member's files..can you imagine we have 12 of us...i need to check them one by one..come on..that's not my job!! everyone should take ownership and take good care of their documents for this audit. If anything goes wrong, then i become culprit? FUCK him lah..he told me tat's the BIG fucking orang tua idea..SO WHAT?
I straight away told him off on his face that : THAT'S NO WAY! I'm not gonna to do that for you for god sake!I've being so helpful that forwarded all related documents thru corporate mail and send all reminders and even informed how to do so. then is that enuff?
Then this orang tua face turn black..and keep arguing with me. So i dun give a fuck to him, i just walk off do my work. Just show my ignorance.. I don't wanna become another stewpiak asshole to do others people job, why not they give me half of their salary if they really don't know how to perform and need i do everything and spoon feed them?
then this asshole orang tua even idiot.. he sit in office keep doing QAT audit (tell you what, this audit u need to walk around and checking the condition, being honest to write down your finding and comments) But he didnt do so, just sit there doing FAKE audit report into PALM system. Also did for others people..But guess what? he did for 4 members' audit on their behalf, but all at the same outlets, same audit, same issue and same points. That's pointless to do the audit like tat way!
Then he asked me to check the website after synchronized the data up to the server, then i told him the percentage% of the audit haven't reach the target as per policy, otherwise we will facing difficult to achieve the passing score. If we fail, he gonna be FIRED his ass out from here! ahahahha...Then he became pathetic and angry with everyone of us!
Based on the data report, only showed number of items audited scores keep increasing but not the number of outlets. So i told him the problem and the fact, he refused to listen to me and show his anger to me. I was so pissed because of his working attitute. If you are capable and steady, why u so panic at the last minute? if you know what you are doing, why u show you are totally in blank? I told him have to do others outlet instead of keep focus at same outlet, thus the percentage will go up!!
Then when i wanna leaeve the office at night, he stopped me and asked me wait for him let him finish the last FAKE audit report. Honestly, i look down at you!!!!ORANGE TUA!! you have no gut to admit that's your fault! Try to push the ball around and blame on others!!!
Finally, the SFSMS audit was overed..the auditor was so kind and let us pass. Whole day everyone seems in DRAMA school, so FAKE!
Phew.. i feel released...

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