Monday, November 14, 2005


My fren, Zen, she sent me an analysis test questionnaire, i just fill up and get this result. Somehow it is not 100% accurate, but some points are true. ^o^ so just guess which one is false and true?

*You are a person who is keeping things to yourself.

*You are a bit more choosy on friends and only hangout with those whom you think are on the same frequency.

*What you want in your life is half fullfilled.

*You are weak in your life and tends to be fragile.

*You have high sex drive.

*You have a few good friends in your life.

*Your last relationship is not a good one and is not memorable to you.

*Even when your partner is around you, you will flirt around with others.

*You've got a low ego.

*A humble personality is in you.

*You are not in good terms with your friends.

*Your partner is pure and good in your heart.

*Your partner is a very homely and humble person.

*You seek your partner whenever you are met with problems.

P/S: so far i back to single, still looking for soulmate..may b good partner..hahaha...

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