Friday, November 04, 2005

Cough Cough..

What a silly of *me*!?
yesterday i just *digging* out all the "goodies" from my esprit bag, because i want to clean it.
Then suprisingly i saw a pepper spray there.
Erm..have a look, oh yeah..i remember this..
It's a gift from my late bf's brother, before he flied off to Shanghai.
He's a nice guy with a big heart,but with a different sense of ART's look. Mind you, he is a very creative person, he's director of art. Really salut him for his art works..=) and he really take good care of his brother, put it that way..spoilt his brother, he will give the best items to his younger brother. Really miss his wife home made sushi as well. But both of them in Shanghai now.
The last time i met him was ..sad to my late bf's funeral.. -_-
oh ..back to the HOT. PEP spray...
i shaked it, but seems empty i just twist red handle and press it. i sprayed it in my room, *for testing purpose*. GOSH! cough ..cough...sneezing... the pepper was killing now i realised that this BLOODY HOT PEP spray still in good condition to kick some ass. haha...End up i on the fan and exhaust fan, turn off the air con, quickly step out my room. ahaha..what a stewpiak act?! ;p warn you all, don't do it at home, it's dangerous!

Let me read the warning from the packaging:
Strong irritant, contents under pressure,contains oleoresin capsicum. Avoid accidental contact with eyes,skin or mucous membranes. Incase of external contact, flush thoroughly with water. Do not rub, symptoms disappear 2 hours.

The use of this spray for any purpose other than self-defense is a crime under the law. Improper use is a public offense. Neither manufacturer nor retailer will be responsible for personal injuries.

Wow! how about those pervert and desperate guy who get spray by this HOT PEP? they deserved it?!! *wink*

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