Thursday, November 10, 2005

DoDo Bird! Expired Goods!

Today got one DoDo Bird brought a tin of nescafe, few packets of ronalfield tea leaves stepped in my office. I was engaged on the phone, and this DoDo Bird was so eagerly wanna talk to me, but i make him wait...
DoDo Bird (netto) pointed the items on the table and asked... mind you, DoDo Bird is a manager...

DoDo: "Hey, let me tell u this story...blablabla ...What to do with this huh?"

I just looked at the items, and realized that all expired goods lah!
Me: "So?"

DoDo:" Can i throw away all the packaging and store them in container and use again? If i throw i feel sayang lah... But still can use right? so people can't see the expired date!"

Me: *vomit blood* "Why you wan to keep those expired goods? Just discard them with spoilage form. Since already can't use it anymore"

DoDo: "Why can't use?I don't know how? What to do with them ah?"

Me: "Look, it's nothing to do with you. It's not your fault to cause this items expired, why you so worry? Just throw them away!! If you were guest, would you happy to have expired items and you are paying bloody money for it?...NO right? U will definately unhappy about it!"

DoDo: " But..but...i think still can use lah.."

Me:" Ok..if you like it, just bring them home do whatever you like!" * bring home for your shower time lah*

DoDo: " Erm..ok lah..if i discard them will affected my cost how ah? and when i need the items i still need to requisite again and charge to me lah..."

Me: *Sigh* " Look, these expired goods already one yr plus, all slow moving items.. cost already charge in one yr ago..why you so worry? just give spoilage form to cost controller, she will know what to do with it. If you don't really need them in big quantity, just inter transfer loh.. What so difficult to solve this bloody problem?" * really idiot lah! this DoDo bird!*

Dodo: "So you mean is ok for me to throw away? then i can requisite again lah. Then it will become slow moving item again."

Me: "Do you understand or not? Just discard the expired one!! If not i tell boss lah!" *raised up my voice ady"

Dodo: *nod nod* "ok ok ok" * showing a pitiful face*

Duh! wondering why hired such a STEWPIAK person ah..simple thing also canot think of solution..really brainless one.. 40 yrs old liao..this faggot still canot make up his mind..everyday just act like BOllyWood Actor drama show to fact..he's an empty can! He know nothing else! for GOD sake pls fire him lah! wasting company money to hire bunch of monkey lah!!
He is very good actor..can nominate as Oscar Award already. *Grin* Very good in bullshiting people one..No SHIT!

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