Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What's sexy? As with beauty, it lies in the eye of the beholder

What is SEXY mean to you?

Herewith definition from google &
* Marked by or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest
* Exciting sexual desire

From others:-
~ Highly appealing or interesting
~ Attractive
~ Feeling or devoted to sexual love or desire

Whenever a man mentioned to you:" you are sexy!" a compliment or insult remarks?
How to define Sexy in the way from a lady or a gentlemen? How to consider?
Maybe it's the way someone carries themselves, a lingering glance or a short skirt. Or maybe it's a shared interest, a stimulating conversation or someone's sense of humor.

"Intelligence is sexy,"

"Confidence in someone's approach to life and work is sexy, too,"

"Sexy to me is honesty and caring, that's what lifelong love is about; that's what makes it last."

"Intellect is sexy -- women who can carry on a conversation that is compelling,"

"So is physical beauty, of course. Women who can dance and move to music are very sexy.

So are people who speak a different language. The facial expressions and body language that convey sensuality. That's very attractive."

"It's sexy when a girl plays hard to get,"

"Belly-button rings are sexy,"

"Nice legs are sexy."

"I like eyes," "They're usually the first thing I notice."

"We should say personality is sexy, too,"

"an obsession with guys' backs," "A strong back is really sexy." Wow, Look, not only gal can be sexy, guy also can be very sexy too!

"So are nice teeth,""And yummy cologne and good clothes."

"And dimples," "A killer smile really gets me."

Someone finds that women sexy who are tough on the outside and "soft-hearted" on the inside. "I like when women give the impression that they're domineering, but they really have a soft spot inside," "Some women put up this front that they're tough, but deep down inside they're soft. That's sexy.

"Self-assuredness is sexy," "A person who is self-assured is comfortable with their sexuality and with expressing it to others."

Both women and men find lingerie sexy when it is "elegant, not trashy."
"Both sexes like people who dress well and take the time to care about their appearance,"

"I like someone who pays attention to style and dresses nice, but someone who can hold the conversation, too,"

Sexiness is "more in how you act than how you look."

"A woman's voice can be really distinctive," "That's sexy."

"Big muscles are sexy." Whalao! This must be applied to Muscular Man!

"Definition of sexy definitely changes with age," "Stability is sexy."

What would be your accurate definition of sexy?
Is it a supermodel in a bikini strutting on the beach with her blonde hair glistening in the sun is considered a SEXY symbol?? For nine people out of 10,it is.
I do believe that everyone do has an inherent love of beauty & sexy...
Tell me about that..I really want to know..^o^

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Azxel said...

It basically refers to something which you are attracted to, be it body (or part of it), mind or clothes.