Saturday, December 10, 2005

Disgusting...Yuck! Insane...Crazy nuts..

Today went lunch with Gary at cafeteria...then David came joined us.
Then we started some gossips...Aw...wondering David big brother also know how to gossip...*grin*
He started from the mobile phone...bla bla...said that one of his staff strike lotery... won 6K, and staff told him anytime wanna resign...hahaha...damn long 6k can survive? well, this malay staff always like that one..what to do? then he mentioned yesterday 2 of his staff were sharing something in washroom aka locker room. The 2 staff we named as A & B.
A&B were laffing and teasing each other with their mobile phone. Then they invited David came over, proudly presented their mobile movie clips to David. David almost puke and stunned there..guss what? these basket fellow A&B , they recorded their sexual intercourse process with a lady.. DAMN..and they are fascinating it.. and open discussion among others as well. Fucking hell! then noobs start guessing the lady must be hooker lah..where can let A&B F*ck and been recorded and showed it to public.. what a shame ah! really disgusting!!!! YUCK! gosh...the society is getting sick and polluted, now not only happening in police station strip nude, even happening at home, sharing sex partner and recorded for fun. Where's the morality gone?
The fun thing is A&B after "heavy duty" with the gal, the next day will take medical leave..erm..perhaps "over work" ..being too hard working on bed.. LOL! Puke!
Still remember the "DO DO Bird" i mentioned in previous post? Today we disclosed that he's homosexual...GAY! GOSH! He loves playing BACKSIDE!! shit! Coz he been fantasizing the big & long wine bottle neck use for his anal..and he wanna share with Gary for this info...ahhaa....pengsan! *speechless*
Again, this DO DO BIRD claimed that he used to be a priest! come one, he's earning over 3k per month, but still asked associate staff lend him money. And he always said swear to his god..but he's open his eye and bullshiting around and a BIG FAT ASS LIAR! everyone know it! Real FAGGOT!!
Sex is a beautiful, intimacy and passionate thingy between two person in love.. but ...just don't understand why these mother fuckers so daring and did such a stewpiak stuff. What so proud to show off that how good u r on the bed? It suppose is very PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL thingy.
These type of USELESS people really turn the "community" upside down....
*proof* No eye to see......>_<

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louyau-mike said...

sexual exhibitionist syndromes ... some ppl do have that ...