Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dumb Cases

Dumb Case 1

Dumb ass came asked me:" can i have the chinese set menu costing? u go get from cost controller."

Cost controller:" sorry, i've nothing to provide the details coz no recipe given to me."

Me:" Laugh out loud"

Dumb ass:" Give me teh whole damn banquet menu!"

Me:"Sorry i didn't keep it, you have get from events team."

Dumb ass:"How come you dun keep one? u see we all in the same office, should have one but why only events team keep?"

Me: " Oh..that only keep by chef, normally i don't sell this kind of event, i only keep for outlets menu and certain set menu. Futhermore i'm not chef! why i should keep it for? I don't need the menu for costing and recipe what's big deal now?"

Dumb ass:" U go to get the file from events team, how come we dun have the menu?"

Alo...since one yr ago, u said u work out the new menu..but now yr end already, nothing work out lah...still using my ex-chef's menu lah....HQ chased u for 'we commit' training program, now u bcome paranoit ah..who asked u nv done ur part huh? should i care? u used to be a chef and wondering why ur assistant also didnt keep one? come asked me why ur assistant also didnt keep one? So dumb question would i know...may b god know lah! dun come blame me lah! coz u r dumb ass!

Me:" ok, nah..this is the file."

Dumb ass:" oh..bit only ah..i thought big and think pale of menus.. can we make a copy ah?"

Duh! urself also duno about the menu details huh? *pengsan*

Me:"If you want it, not a big problem to have it."

Dumb ass:" but i want it now!!"

okay..dumb ass..u know i got lots of work ah...u think everything u want it now can drop from the sky huh?

David:" boss, nah..this is one of the set menu recipe."

Dumb ass:"Give to jo, then she will give to cost controller..since she is her buddy.."

Fucking hell!

Dumb ass: " have you done the recipe yet?"

Me:" i'm doing it lah!" #$%$^%&^*

Dumb ass:" cost controller ah..LG..can i have the costing by today before 2pm ah?"

Cost controller:" let me see lah..i'm busy now...i try.." **u wait there lah** would i know why all ur dumb chef don keep any copy of the menu huh? i'm not blardy chef ...everything i do for u all, why not give me 5% out of ur salary huh?

Dumb case 2

A: " Jo, can you go to tell ur boss..dun simply come to screw my staff in front of others ppl in the early morning.."

Me: " er...what's wrong ah..tell me what happen..see how i can help u then.."

A:" He called up early morning 5.00am said that he need a cab to pick him up from his house."

Me:" ok..then..?"

A:"But he expected he called now, the cab will straight standby in front of his house lah..he said he want now!!!now!! why the cab late lah...?"

Me:" why not u give the cab driver direct number to him, let him call himself lah...."

A:"We did...but he still didnt make own arrangement, still calling us.. if cab late bit..he came screw all of us in front of others..that's unfair.. since we did him a favor to arrange his cab..why he like that one!!"

Me:" sorry dear..since tat case, i can't help much tho..."

A:" u imagine he called up 5.00am, he wan the cab by there immediately..u think the driver superb driver? people also just woke up need to refresh and get ready go there..need some times to reach the destination what.."

Me:" yeah..i know..but what i can say to him then? u wan me get screw again ah? seems its non of my business woh..."

A:" so how ah..?"

Me:" next time u just ignore him..and walk away lah.."

A:" okay lah..he's so hard to please one..he think everyone is his slave..."

Me:" hahaha....ape then?"

Dumb case 3

Dumb ass:" hey, i just received a call from Tan Sri XXX, he wanna to come makan makan tomorrow..can u send him menus? Western set menu i will handle, can u go to ask David for chinese set menu?"

Me:" okay. who should i contact with? can i have the contact number and fax number?"

Dumb ass:" i donno.. u fax to his secretary lah.."

*Basket* lah..WTF

Me:" No contact person name, no number how to contact ah?"

Dumb ass:" i dun care, u go to find out urself now!

Me:" look, just now Tan Sri called ur mobile, there should have number appeared on ur screen what..."

Dumb ass:" i duno..u go to contact his secretary now..u check it out urself!"

Whalao...this is not the first time i wan to bang to the wall and vomit can be like that dumb one..???? u didnt provide any information how to contact the guest huh?

Me:" Fine..i try.."

Dumb ass:" No..u must do it!"

Me:" okay okay..."


Dumb case 4

Dumb ass:" why R's mobile canot get thru you know where's he now? can u try to call him now.."

Me:" okay..he switched off his mobile lah..i think he went home already.."

Dumb ass:" you go to tell him..i wan to see him now..!! i dun care..if he went home d, ask him back to office .."

Me:"look, i duno where's he now, and he's not at work place and his mobile is turned off d. i duno how to get him..why not u call him again..."

Dumb ass SMS R. *pls return call ASAP*
R replied *my phone no credit* muahahhaa..tat's funny...:P

End up R didn't bother to turn up in office.

Aiseh..really PAIN IN ASS men...


Wimal said...

WAH LAOO!!! I never thought that this kind of bosses REALLY exist wei. If i work for the fella, I might pengsanloh.

Where u working? I'm curious since u deal with chefs and menus.

Jo said...

wimal..i work in hotel..