Thursday, December 01, 2005

Alumni Dinner @ TCHT

I went to Taylor's Alumni dinner again..This is 2nd time..excited..

Date: 30 November 05
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: L'Escoffier Restaurant (Students' practical restaurant)
Taylor's College, School of Hospitality & Tourism
Theme: European Gastronomy

This time i invited Jchanet go with me together..
I left office @ 5.30pm, traffic bit slow. Reached home @ 6pm, still manage take my own sweet time for shower and dress up. I dressed up everything in black..*wahlao*..Gal in the black..* one of my favourite colour*
7pm i was heading to Taylor's, jam..and one road closed up, i forced turn into sunway town..damn it...then have to make a big U-turn. Furthermore, it's raining..caught in traffic jam..
I called up Jchanet i was in jam, but surprisingly she still on her way from Cheras. you, she sure late one..

This event was a combination of European cuisine (French, Finnish & Italian) presented by specially invited chefs from Finland.
During the dinner, there was featuring some movie clips presentation which we all don't really understand what da Fuck is that...ahhaha...

Let's look into the menu:-
Fish platter (combination of salmon mousse, smoked salmon fillet, smoked mackerel)
Reindeer tartare
Roasted beef fillet with mashed potatoes and seasonal of vegetables
2 berries dessert (forgotten the dish name *wink)
~ One is piece ofberry fruit cake, another one taste like ice cream
Coffee or tea

Argh..this even didn't serve wine.. previous one free flow of fruit punch, red wine & white wine. Erm...this time i think they wanna cut cost lah..fruit punch also didnt refill...*giggle*
We had a great time to catch up with ex-coursemates. Some going to get marry soon, some already become parents and most of us still single. **wink**..snapped some pictures.. *still waiting photo to be sent by Jchanet*
After the dinner, Jchanet & I continued yumcha session at Sunway till u know, Gal's talk & gossiping... hahaha

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