Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Blur Sotong

Yesterday i received a customer called up for buffet lunch inquiry.
I did prepared the quotation and try to fax over to her. But the fax number she gave is invalid * nombor yang anda dial tak ada dalam perkhidmatan!*, then i tried on the telephone number turn up is fax number. So i just faxed it.
After that this customer called up claimed that she didn't receive anything from me, wondering how come? So i told her the number she gave can't fax thru...*mind you, i've repeated the number to her on phone after she gave* * Her name is Lavy, i think Lembab is more suitable for her!* *GRIN*
Finally i found out she is blur sotong, own company fax number and telephone number also canot remember. DUH! she gave me XXXX 7607 & XXXX 7600 which are wrong number!
Then she still not feel paiseh, then i just asked her nicely again, "please provide your telephone & fax number again." *pengsan lah* Coz she was trying put the blame on me..Nevermind lah, customer always right! *my ass lah! customer always know how to play around the trick to get advantage and free stuff! End up guest complain lah! Eventhough is her fault, u still need to put up ur fake smiling face and listen to the blardy complains and apology.blablabla...*
What to do huh?



Customer is right saying depends on what kind of customer you have. The one you have is hello! way out of this world.

Wimal said...

Err...ask them to Fuck Off?

I guess her Bullshitting skills fail on u. :D