Saturday, December 17, 2005

Engagement & BBQ

17 Dec 05 was Zulyda’s big day! It’s her engagement day! Congratulations to my dear friend!
We knew each other since 1998 through college time; we had lots of fun together. We did assignment together, we went for lunch together, we went mamak together, we went shopping together… She’s a gem, very cheerful and sweet person. *Eri, you should feel very proud of Lyda and must SAYANG her yeah!*

I’ve promised her to attend her engagement day, so I took off on this day. I woke up early and prepared myself. I never been to her house before, before hand I seek direction from her. She sms me on the direction, wow..she’s expert to give direction. Such a long sms, somehow I still need to draw my own map for the road. *of coz I’ve no time to read sms while I’m driving and look for direction*

I was trapped in traffic jam and it’s was raining. 
So I drove slowly and look for proper signage and building. It’s fun..just like treasure hunt. Hahaha.. Walah! Finally I found her house, many cars. Parked my car then walk into her house. OMG, I feel bit regret not to wear baju kebaya / baju kurung today, coz everyone did that. :P Never mind then, I save the baju for her next year wedding.
Wow, I was so impressed that her family member can recognize me (first time I went to her house) and can called my name. Look, I’m the only Chinese appeared there and with my jean. Her house was so crowded, lots of her cousins and relatives. It was my first time to attend malay engagement ceremony. Excited!

Lyda’s sister brought me to Lyda’s room, her aunt Emy was touched up her make up. Wow, Lyda looks so gorgeous! The most beautiful moment I ever saw. She with her tailored made white gown. We hugged each other and snapped some pictures.

Firstly, she needs to wait patiently in her room till Eri’s family arrives there. Eri is not allowed to come together, he need to come later. So Eri’s parents and Lyda’s parents will sit down discuss the upcoming wedding details and how much money gonna to pay for bride. Then Eri’s mother will presents a diamond ring to Lyda.

Then I saw her mother and her cousins walked in and out busy to display the “Hantaran”. Guess what, total 17 hantaran! All the items was displays on individual tray with lace under layer cloth. I saw Aigner belt, wallet, Givenchy perfume, black leather shoe, chocolate cake, fruits cake, Al-Quran, prayer mat, songkok, potpourri, daun sirih, cake of aeroplane shape, jelly roses, chocolates ….From guy side, will presents 13 hantaran to Lyda. By custom, that total number of hantaran must be in odd number and female need to present additional 2 items to male. I saw Eri gave her Guess handbag, Guess high hell, bungan rampai, prayer mat, wedding cloth material, chocolates, cake, fruits basket, Givenchy make up set, daun sirih… (I can’t remember all items..*wink)

Finally, Eri reached there…everyone is so thrilled to see him to put on one whole set of white gold & diamond jewelry for Lyda. All the camera men were so busy snapping photos.

After the photograph session, all of us proceed to enjoy our lunch time. I had chicken masak merah, beef kurma, papadom, vege acar, pineapple and cucumber and rose syrup. It was a lovely meal.

I received a thank you token from Lyda’s sister. But Lyda gave me a small surprise that she actually prepared an additional thank you token for me. Special one! Wow! I was so touched! It was a heart shape ceramic box with nicely pink rose and lace deco, inside with mentos sweets.

I was happy and grateful that finally Lyda found her happiness and beloved one.

I leave her house at 4pm. I was rushing home to meet up Eve Lyn.
Eve will come to pick me up for BBQ dinner. But she was late, she went for
Christmas gift shopping with Jason. She bought a red NIKE cap for Uncle Canni, coz his birthday is coming on 21 Dec 05. While I was waiting her at home, I on the Just Like Heave vcd, but I fall asleep till Eve buzz me up. Hahaha..

8pm we were heading to Putrajaya, we all don’t know where Uncle Canni’s condo is, so have to meet him there. We called up Canni & Sasi, both of us told us the road to get into Seri Kembangan. But I’ve totally have no clue why half way Eve turn back to Putrajaya again. Then we look for petrol station, we got lost in Putrajaya. Finally found the petrol station, after filled the fuel, we lost again till reached police station. Hahaha.. *What a shame that don’t tell people that I work in Putrajaya and we all lost in mid of no where.*

Then called up Sasi asked for direction how to get to Canni’s place. Bravo and salute to Sasi, he’s so great to give us the direction. (very clear landmark) We took almost 2 hours to reach the place. Muahahaha….Met up Bee Fong babe, Natasya, Joshua there.. and others.. Bee Fong was so happy and keep snapping pictures. *Babe, remember send me the picture ok?*

We helped Canni to carry all the food items to the uphill ground. Wow…look what we have for BBQ. Chef Eng fried a yummy beef noodle for us…yum yum…Canni made coleslaw.. marinated chicken (secret recipe *with wine*)… sausages…and tons of BEER.
Uncle Canni created Stone Grilled chicken, after eat the chicken will become STUNNED. *LOL!* Bee Fong saw Jason was eating bread, so she asked him what is that?.. Then Jason said “Masturbate”!..We all burst out laugh so loud.. He actually said Toasted bread.. hahahaha… Something wrong with our ears yeah…:p

After BBQ, some of them start to play foot ball, Raj asked me become goal keeper. I told him off, I don’t know how to catch ball, only know how to squeeze and kick ball only. *excuse me* haahhaha….

Bee Fong bunch of them left around 12pm, coz they rushed for another clubbing and drinking session. So we still continued drinking, eating and mingle around. Ops..suddenly the sky started to cry…raining…We all hurried up to clean up the place and rushed back to Condo. I was so scared to climb down from the hill top landscape, so Canni asked me to wait there, he will come and assist me. So I just took the first step.. BOOM! I felt down …my slipper was so slippery..then I tried to get up…I slipped again. FUCK!.Canni faster came rescue me, but both of us slipped together…Muahaha.. Tat’s so funny! I pokkai 3 times in a roll, like striking lottery also not that lucky! Both of us keep laughing there, and Eve also laugh at us. She said it was bit late for her to grab her camera to snap the funny moments. My butt was so painful, my jean with mug stained. Reached the condo, I just realized my left foot got some scratches and was bleeding.. Aiya..small matter, will heal very fast.

End up we were chatting…drinking..watching astro… I had 5 cans of beer.. guess what, Canni was drunk started talk crap.. hahaha… tat’s funny part.. He said he was not drunk only high. Eve asked him to open his gift, he just put his hand into the plastic bag, then he grabbed 1 packet of plastic fork & spoon out..hahaha (actually I put them inside the bag while we hurried up to clean up the BBQ place).. Then Eve asked him to read the greeting card..He opened the envelop can’t find the card again! Haha..found the card actually hide inside the plastic bag. Thanks god that he still can manage to read out what we wrote for him…

We had a great time and wonderful night together…Eve sent me home after 3am, thanks gal. Phew..damn tired…ciao noobs.


smashpOp said...

congrats to zulyda !!

Jo said...

thanks jason..i'm still waiting her to send me the picture so i can post it up..hehehe..:)