Monday, December 12, 2005

Another gathering

Lorraine called up invited me for gathering on Saturday after work, the gathering will be at Mid Valley. She keep pursuiting me to go for it. Sigh.. I actually dun feel want to go, coz really don't know what to talk about when i see all of them, since 2002 graduation, i hardly see my coursemates. sometimes just being tired to answer monotonous topics i.e. where do you work? when are u getting marry? why u still single? how much u get pay? where are you staying now? Do you keen to buy insurance? OMFG! so sick to answer duh..!
So at first i thought of just FFK them, but Lorraine still called me up to remind me and wanted to see me there. Also told me that Zulyda is going as well, so i just pick up phone call Zulyda that i wanna make sure she is going too. Unfortunately, she didnt pick up the phone and didn't reply my sms, worst come to worst, i dun think she's going. So i just dilly dally there, pondering.... sms my others frenz whether i should go for it or not.
Then Jackson called up said later will come visit me. Hence, i just postponed the appointment bit later. So i no need to rush go to town and trap in the traffic jam. Yippy!
5pm i leave my place heading to Federal Highway, bit dazzling..traffic kinda smooth. once i entered the mid valley carpark, packed! i just prayed give me a carpark pls!! wow! amazing..less than 5 min i found one empty lot. *happy like bird*
Meet up bunch of noobs in Sushi King. I just dun understand what they fancy about sushi king, the food taste SUX! i rather go for others japanese restaurant. No choice, i picked 3 plates of sushi and enjoy some chatty... 2 "nasty" gal frenz already left..hhaaha..good thing to know about it. *coz i purposely came late* So i no need to see their SHITTY face. Futhermore, i manage to make a new frenz there too. My ex-coursemate he brought another gal frenz, so we just mingle around and exchange name card. Duh..i think exchange phone number is alright d. Then did some window shopping.
Danny left after the sushi session, so 3 of us (ladies) just walk around and gossiping about MEN! hahaha... topic started off very funny.. Daphene asked me: "Jo, what do you think about men huh?why they are so pervert?"
Ops.. >_< i told her...yeah ..99.99% men are desperate and hamsap, if not our parents how to 'produce' us? LOL! but...look! u have to know the tactic how to tackle this type of men whenever u facing them. If u dun really click with him, just ignore him. No need to bother much. If you do have the same feeling or think of can develop frenship, why not? We as a gal, can be so open minded to discuss A-Z, but not simply go on to the bed simply sleep with them for god sake! gal, come on..u must know where's ur limitation and draw the line between u and him! Otherwise, man will take you for granted! Of coz you must know what you really want from a man! dun simply because of loneliness and just simply pick one from the street. Same goes to go market purchase vegetables, you have to pick ..base on the freshness, pricing, category...etc. is there any expiry date as well? Whenever you pick on them, people also will do the same thing pick on you. If there's your fate, if he's gonna be yours, end of the day will be yours! no point forcing..and u won't get what you want end of the day..just being fool around and wasting your valuable time. Look, one hand can't clap, u need a pair of hand to clap.
Then She is so confusing about her relationship as well, coz her bf is younger than her for 4 yrs, and she is working hard but he's still studying. This guy asked her to wait for him till he reach 30 yrs old. Come one! this silly guy think of lady has tone of times to wait for him to grow up? speechless...
Lorraine mentioned how to get a bf as well? aiyo..if you never go social around and make new frenz or intro by others fren, then u have to get from your working place then. dun be so picky and demanding.. haha.. She also mentioned later she gonna to meet up a guy who she knew for 12 yrs ..and this guy always care about her, ask her still available..he has fond into her tat kind of feeling, but both party not dare to express.. dumb ass lah.. Everyone definately wish the relationship is blooming instead of dying and stop of no where. As a guy, i think he should has gut to express his feeling to ya..instead of everytime ask u "do you have bf huh?" That's so weird!!
Erm...everyone seems look good from outside. Phew.. but everyone do have own problem need to be resolved.
still struggling...suffering...confusing...devastating..pondering...
It's so difficult to reach the state of being contentment. This is life!

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