Monday, December 05, 2005

Mega sales...

yoohu.....Malaysia Mega Sales fes again...Everywhere also sales...Argh..i missed out ISETAN
but my money not in sales lah..poor me :(
Sunday morning, Irene sms me while i still in half way sleeping..she just buzz me asked me hang out with her. But i dilly dally for 3 hours to complete my house chores..showered...etc. She wanted to go around do some survey for cars..She wanna to get a new car and trade in her car. Erm..i know nothing about car tho...i only know how to get it start and drive all the way. All the parts and would i know? anyway, i just fetched her went to a few car show rooms to view cars and get some brochures & price list. We went Toyota, Hyundai, Kia. Irene still hasn't make up her mind what car she wanna to buy yet.
End up we went shopping in One Utama. Saw lots of cars line up to car park, so i just as usual drove up to Jusco roof top parking, how lucky am i, less than 5 min i got my parking lot! WOw! amazing..normally late afternoon in One U hardly to get one parking lot. As Jackson told me , he was there..was so jam and difficult to get parking as well. :P
Irene was so happy that she managed to get a pair of shoe from Vincci, imagine her size is size 3. hahaha... I bought 2 pouches, 1 leather belt(eagerly wanted), some stuff from my 200 over gone case...
Then we were heading to SS2, wanna try out the big bowl noodle shop, but can't get any car park. Irene suggested to try out Hokkien fried noodle at Seapark. yummy...
Time flies fast..Sunday evening almost gone...Should rest at home after 10.00pm..:P

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