Monday, December 26, 2005

My Christmas~~~

All these are my Christmas's gifts....Yoo hu....^o^
Mini Piglet..will grow in the dark..~~very cute!!
Mini white X'mas tree~~^o^
My white x'mas tree from Eva..
Wondering what's hell of this pot of jack bean? bead bracelet..
Moonflower shower gel, body lotion, eau de toilette (perfume)
and pinkish bag from Bodyshop

Lindt chocolate & bear pajamas~~

Christmas Eve i woke up early and rushed down to Rawang to meet up Pok's family. Then we were heading down to Seremban. Almost reached the Seremban's toll, the highway was packed & jam..dunno what's wrong...i saw the cars also scared...thanks god that i'm not the driver oh..:P

After toll, we all wanted to have beef noodle...yum end up at seremban's pasar for beef noodle.. Then we went to Brenda's house. She was busy doing 'tong yuan' one...white, green and pink colour.. So i just offered my hand to help..:)

Evening we all gathered at Juliet & Frankie's new house for house warming & Christmas eve dinner. Their house was so crowded..We helped to arrange the food on the table...lots of tempting.. let me see... fried chicken, fried mee hoon, fried mee, curry chicken, yong tofu, jelly fish kerabu, fried fish ball, fried sausages, roast chicken, roast turkey, mash potato (special coutersy cooked by Timothy, recipe from Sunderland..hehe), fresh fruits (honeydew, watermelon), jelly /agar-agar, fried vege...etc... Everyone enjoyed the food very much...especially the kids...

After the dinner, we have nothing to do...bunch of us...brenda, cow yuen,timothy, christhoper, crystal, crystal's hubby had a walk to the play was so dark..coz it's a new housing area..not many residents move in yet... Timothy keep talking ghosty thingy...make brenda freak out ..ahaha..then we started talking crap...what star..why the light will move one..actually it was an aeroplane lah..duh...we all keep laffing at brenda.....Damn funny...Everyone tried to cathc up with Timonthy..since he just back from UK for vacation, we all start to give our next yr wish list to him, asked him to buy this and that for us when he will be back here again (2006). Till we so sien (boring), Christopher suggested go for cycling..since Frankie's house has 8 bicycles there..whalao..good many years i didnt cycle already...why not? Christopher teased me why cycling like an old nerd slow...hahaha...kid, dun play play..later i pokkai again how ah?

Phew....finally the moment was coming...Christmas gift time...hehehe...i've prepared 12 xmas gifts all gave mission has completed. Erm..waiting for my xmas gift...Look, what i got ah....??? i've received a mini white xmas tree from Eva (company's florist)..nicely deco one..^o^ Lindt chocolate (donno from who..;P), bear pajamas from lee sien, mini piglet keychain (grow in the dark) and moonflower gift set from Lisa (she brought all these gifts from London)..i was so touched. Bead bracelet from Brenda, i love it so much! The most funniest gift i ever received..jackbean pot from Crystal...she wants me to plan this plant...haha..very funny one..

This 2005 Christmas was kinda fun, manage to have gathering together with Pok's family and friends. But everyone of us know what's the different...Coz HW is no longer with us for this special occasion...

Merry Christmas to all of you...Happy New Year 2006!

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smashpOp said...

wah u have so many presents! jeles