Friday, December 09, 2005

Bad Luck?

i just wondering am i bringing bad luck to this particular frenz or not..erm...
or just coincidence huh?
Whenever we decided to meet up for drink, sure something happened to him. ES is my senior in high school, since graduated we never see each other. After more than 6 yrs, we just "bump" into the cyberspace world.
So we just on and off chating during working hours, basically lots of CRAP.. WOho..
First time, we decided wanna go for drink..out of sudden he need to rush home to fetch his "tak jadi". Another time, chat with him half way..suddenly his whole office black out. HaHa..
This time same thing..some shitty thing happened to him..we also set wanna go for drink. His car broke down while he was on the way to high way. LOL!
Buddy, i'm truly sorry to hear that tho...i hope next time our appointment won't turn out DISASTER again... O_o Otherwise, u better sit far away from me...LOL!!

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