Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Money Face? Great Friendship?!!

have ever facing this situation before?

***Case 1***

Look, one of my friend asked me for a i did him a favor..and he owe me money and mentioned will pay me back. I trust my friend and treasure frenship, i seldom say NO when ppl need help. (within my ability & limitation), so i helped for god sake lah!
Fine, 1st time when i asked, he told me he not yet go to bank, so next time will pay.
So when i tried call several times, he didn't pick up the phone call, eventhough pick up and everytime seems try to avoid me, mentioned that he was buzy will call back later on. But never ever return call at all! SMS 10 times, no reply at all. Furthermore, asked me please be understanding bit, coz working pressure and tight schedule.
This small matter has been drag like almost a month.He not even show up his face. When i sms him that:" if u r bz, i do understand..but would appreciate u can TF to me.." Cynically, replied from him: "why u so care about money?" " it's only small amount, only hundred over, not even 16k!" " if i say no how? of coz i will pay u when i see u."
What da heck! fucking hell...end up i become the superb dummy money face duh! come on, go to ask around who dun care about money? may be u are the first fucking one who dun really care! if i fucking rich, i dun even bother to get back from you, i give u as charity or let u buy own medicine! all my hard-earned money with my blood and sweat one. what do u think? i know u are earning big amount, but what make u so difficult to refund huh? I become so thick skin face huh? Look, i just guide my own money, not stealing or taken from others. Friend is friend, money is money, i don't mix up! I don't mind buy you an expensive gift, indulge you by a great meal..tat's a courtesy and token of appreciation for frenship. But once u said u need favor and will pay me back. U better do it!!
If u treat me as a friend,pls behave as a fren like a gem. Dun be a coward try to hide up!!
You may be indifferent towards money value. But should i bother or care?
Should i use this hundred over to buy a cheap friendship?!! if you have gut & carry up ur balls..dun give me lame excuses..just be straight forward pay me back before you fly off!

***Case 2***

You called me up at 5am and cried your eye ball out..weeping..sobbing over the phone there..seeking for help..i was so dumb and promised to help u out. You told me u have argument with ur so called bf in Canada (who i also happened to know this guy), u need me to 'settle' it on behalf of you with this fellow. told me you will pay me back the phone bill cost..So i did the stewpiak favor for u, solved the issue. End up you been trying hard to hide from me for 5 years and never pay me back RM200! So i used up this money to buy our almost 18 yrs old friendship! You will always think of me when u are in deep shit and whenever u need help. Other than that, u will totally forget about me!

So let's face the reality!! That's life! lots of coward, bitch, prick and bastard around this small little world! What to do huh?

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louyau-mike said...

Wah sai ... you have really done so much for the friendship wor. Too bad no one appreciate it ler.

:( U will find better friends ler. Don't worry.