Sunday, December 04, 2005

Gals Outing

Saturday night girls' outing!!
I was the first one reached Lynne's place, she was taking her shower, so i have to wait outside.
WM, Rachel & Mary came later. End up, We all wanted Mary drive all of us in her car. :P
This time Lynne wanna to bring us a new place for makan makan. Excited..^o^
Tell u what..Mary's driving skill really scary one, sit inside also wanna help her to take break.*Grin*
Finally we reached SS15, Subang. place for us.. ASIA called "high class" food court. packed! crowded! Hardly to get a car park lot as well.
We found a seat..and walked around the corner see what are the food available...wahlao! many food stalls.. Mediterranean, japanese, korean, asian, etc...
The place can choose in door seat and out door seat.. fresco style, very cozy. I'm sure Jackson will like it too, but don't think so he will go there.
Look, see what we've ordered.
I've ordered fried lobak (white raddish cake), lebanese chicken bread, carrot milk

The others....

Takoyaki (japanese squid ball), ikan bakar, ham&pineapple pizza, korean
fried rice, korean noodles, "pei par" duck rice, taiwanese sausage..

Yum yum..I was bloated..canno't take it anymore...enjoy the food very much!! Asia Cafe, i will be back!!!

The dinner ended at 9pm, the night still young, Mary suggested wanna go Sunway Pyramid. Damn it, traffic jam there, and funny thing is Mary wanna try out valet parking, but unfortunately there's not more space..Muahahahaha! got money also no where to park! end up we make a few turns to get a car park! *Giggle* We walked around in sunway pyramid, end up empty handed. I suppose wanna to get a nice belt for myself, but still canot get it. I lost some weights again, so my jeans all droppy..Sigh

So after that we heading back home. After i reached home, Lynne called up informed that WM lost her car! SHIT! sure some mother fuckers stole her car. She parked her car outside the guard house at Lynne's place.. and didn't lock with alarm. So Lynne quickly fetch her to nearest police station log report. Damn.. i felt so sorry to hear that.. she's so unlucky one, coz Rachel also parked her car there. But unfortunately only happened to WM's car. :(

It suppose to be a lovely Saturday night, turned up become miserable one!ARrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh......

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Wimal said...

Ohh...for most girls,losing weight is good news. The sign of jeans being droppy usually brings a smile on their faces. :D

Oh man, getting the car stolen sucks. sorry to hear that the night turned out miserable.