Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Food Tasting...yum yum

This morning my chinese chef David came in and informed me that this late afternoon will have small food tasting session. He asked me go for it. Aiya..i told him tat gonna to be 'we commit' training session for events team (sales & marketing, i so lazy to join (if i have not been invited?). I told David to keep me small portion for me to taste in kitchen.. LaLa LaLa...

Herewith the menu:-

Four cold & hot combinations
(fried 'kong por'squid with dried chilli, vegetables, jelly fish salad and five spices rolls)


Seafood soup
(squid, prawn, scallop, bamboo shoot, black fungus, shitake mushroom)


Butter tiger prawn


Steamed fish with light soya sauce


Fried broccoli with beancurd skin and mushroom


Deep friend boneless chicken with thai chilli sauce


Fried rice with shrimp and anchovies


Chilled honeydew with sago

Sounds yummy? are you getting hunry yet? *LOL* ~ Slurp~

I only ate some of it..David scooped some of the food and put into a bowl for me,special reserved for me. 'han fook'. I had chicken with thai sauce, fried rice, butter prawn, five spice roll, seafood soup and chilled honeydew. The rest of the food,my stomach can't go in anymore...bloated...* BURP!* ops..excuse me...^o^


smashpOp said...

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Wimal said... control urge...haha. u very han fook loh. hehe.

louyau-mike said...

memang hanfook ... tolong take a picture of the food lah.

Jo said...

tak sempat get camera..all food gone inside my stomach d..hehehehe..sorry pic to show woh...and my shooting skill damn lembab one..
next time lah

Jo said...

jason..what movie ah..i cek it out later yeah..thanks alot!:)