Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to Gary!!

Today is Gary Mak's birthday!! Somehow Stacy (his cute gf) who threw him an advance surprise birthday celebration @ Yuen Steamboat. As usual bunch of us (monkeys) all gather together, very noisy and non stop camwhore session. Just name it...Me, Stacy, Gary, Sylvia, Sammie, Andrew, Maverick, Tony,Jason, Mikel, Adrian, Benghan & Shaz even make their effort came all the way from kepong & bukit jalil working place.
After work i was rushing to the dinner place, mind you i was so 'hanfook' that i manage hitch a ride to Sunway. Maverick & Jason waited for me at my place and fetched to Sunway. TQ very much!!
I guess it was first so big table 12 of us sat together for steamboat session, it was absolutely fun! We were starving, grabbed lost of chicken wings. No doubt the chicken wing taste so GOOD till we need fight for it. hehehe...^-^
Stacy ordered home made birthday cake from Adrian's brother, mind you it was 4 layers giant cake..delicious walnut chocolate cake!! It's so filling and rich!
All of us keep talking, keep eating, keep laughing , keep candi shooting...OMG! Jason make me laugh till tear came out. you baddie!!!
Thanks to Gary for the lovely dinner. ^-^
Wish you have a wonderful birthday!!

the raw egg yolk dip
funny jason with his camera...upselling his camera pose..haha
Delicious walnut chocolate cake
What make stitch so happy huh?
Mikel aka Susu!!splash you with some milk
Adrian look bit tired & bored while waiting for food :p
What allured their attention away?
Tony with his notty look
Pinkish benghan didi
Everyone pouring the food into the soup
adorable Sylvia meimei

Guys..look here! dun keep on eating lah
Spoilt by plenty of choices..vegetables

assorted balls

steamboat dumplings
hot steamy tom yam soup

chilli parsley dip
My bosom buddy, stacy
finger licking good chicken wings!

sexi-licious sammie
Group picture
Jason, Benghan, Jo, Maverick, Stacy, Adrian & Sylvia
Lovely couple
Happy family
Jason mashimaro with jo
Slurpy ice cream
Stacy, Sylvia & Gary
The birthday boy, Gary
Adrian, Gary. Sylvia & Shaz
Jo & Gary

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