Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My new babies!!

Hurray!!! I'm happy like a bird...stomach with butterfly....heart popping faster..
do you know why?
coz finally i manage to get my new babies...hehehe...^-^ fulfilled 2 items in my wish list 2007!!!
Last saturday purposely woke up early, went breakfast with mav before heading to PICOM (pc fair) at KLCC.
I parked my baby car at Stacy's working place, thousand thanks to her to grant me free parking there. ^-^ We walked 5 min to KLCC. OMG!! It was so crowded in the morning, packed like sardin inside the tin! :P
We walked around to do some survey before i decide what to buy?? started off from level 3 the conference hall, the major players (top brand) all gather in one hall. Just name them out...Fujitsu, Sony , Toshiba, Lenova, HP and so on. Grabbed lots of flyers to do some comparison. After 1 hour later, Sylvia came to join us in the pc exhibition. We walked till hall 3 which with all pc accessaries, Sylvia bought CDR and i bought a webcam, an optical mouse, laptop lock and bluetooth device. Then back to Conference hall grabbed the laptop i wanted to buy. Finally i make up my mind, decided to buy Toshiba M100 which is a good deal for me. It comes with a free Brother laser printer. OMG!! the printer is bigger than my laptop...Thank god that Mav assist s me to carry them... He's the HERO of the day! hehehee...
Stacy & Gary came to pick us up go to find Kelvin for lunch @ Maju Junction mall. The purpose we went there ...to buy digital camera!! well, my 1st mission has been achieved, now is 2nd mission to be achieved. Testing, viewing my preference brand of cameras...snap snap..prompt some questions...hm....hm..which one to buy huh?
voila! I've picked CANON!! Mav has picked NIKON P4.Kelvin very pro, he would explain to me and intro me the best one to suit my need and budget. :)
Stacy insist get Kelvin to buy us lunch over there, we went to Pizza hut for our lunch. We manage to 'whak' him to pay for our bill. hehehehee...After lunch back to his shop, mav & i picked the camera that we wanted. The price kinda reasonable and i manage to bargain bit loh..comes with free goodies..mini tripod, screen protector, screen filter, pouch and 1gb memory card. fu-yoh!! i've got 2 new toys in a day!! My wallet is BLOODY HELL already!! POKKAI!!INDEED!!
After settled our camera shopping, we walked around the mall shop again..Thanks to Gary who help me to carry my laptop around the mall, memang paiseh...:P
Time flied...Dinner time was approached..We went to QueenPark lepaking, went to a pet shop camwhore with doggies. So adorable one!!
We had our dinner at DrunkCat restaurant, Jln Peel, the food was superb delicious!! yummy!!!~slurp~
hm....i still need sometimes to adjust myself and play around with my new babies...explore to the new toys..hehehehe.....keep myself busy ..busy busy..is good thing!!

my new optical mouse
Shopping of the day~ my new toys~ new babies~~
Toshiba M100 & Canon Ixus 70
My precious~~~
blacky keyboard
My baby toshiba M100
baby comes with Intel Centrino Duo
My old baby~Fujitsu is dying....huhuhu..:(
Canon IXUS

Cute couple!
our cameras~~
Helpful Gary & Friendly Kelvin
Adorable sylvia mei mei

Kelvin was showing the camera's feature to Mav, both of them so happy oh..:p

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