Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Slip into a different world!!

Almost end of the week, i do need a break soon!!

I need a good massage and replenish my body and mind...hehehee...
ensure a good health and lasting i need a spa treatment...^-^

Escape to a unique place where you can rejuvenate your body and mind with therapeutic massages, body toning, skin care treatments and a personalised zodiac ritual...
Wow...don't you think you deserve such a good treatment like that?

I would FEEL SO D-A-M-N GOOD if i have this at home or i get a complimentary one...LOL :p

relaxing lounge
the swimming pool

Shaz over bloated till K.O on the comfy mattres...^-^
massage room
infinity swimming pool
Macho shaz was posing at pool side :P




Come, Come again ! Whatever you are... Whether you are infidel, idolater or fireworshipper. Whether you have broken your vows of repentance a hundred times This is not the gate of despair, This is the gate of hope. Come, come again...

kyliemc said...

whoa~ i also wanna hv spa ad..d environment looks so comfy n serene!!dun wanna leave tht place liao,if i eva go there money :P

n haha...shaz is supposed 2 b d male model? :P how come no pic of u modelling geh? ;)

Jo said...

aiya...m not good in posing, so canot do modeling loh..sad sad case..hehehe
come try loh..provided u have money to pay the bill lo..hehehe
is a nice place till i wan zzzzz

kyliemc said...

haha..wait til i hv d money 1st :P