Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Melaka trip ~ Food Hunting

We went food hunting in melaka, i tell you, very tiring as well. We walked non stop, ate non stop. But still missed out some yummy food, somehow i knew we were lack of time, no choice loh..walked till where eat till where and stop by some shops did shopping and ogling all pretty girls. The weather was steaming hot, i sweat lots till everything get wet. :p
We went to try out famous chicken rice ball at hoe kee chicken rice ball shop, the restaurant with authentic design, hanging lots of red 'tang lung' (lanterns).

Then we proceed to walk around and heading to museum (museum's photo is coming soon). We had fun time in the museum and St. John church, camwhore everywhere. Our tour guide, Mei & Orange were superb busy helping us to snap group picture. Both of their hand full of cameras, we just posed here and there.
Crazy bunch of us, we met Shinz over there, i bet she was bit surprised to see crazy monkeys like us running around. hahahaha....

After visiting museum, church & fort places, we need some fresh cold air, hence we went to Dataran Pahlawan, hmm...a new mall in melaka? We just 'wander' around and had a dessert there, we went to Uncle Keong, i had snow fungus with gingo nut, 1 hand finger can count the gingo nuts.
snow fungus with gingo nut
Done our chill out @ Uncle Keong, we were heading to catch our lunch at a little place called ' Donald & Lily' corner for baba nyonya food. Mind you, the cendol with sago & gula melaka is heavenly nice for the hot weather, very soothing gonna give me a boost in the afternoon!
We had fried siam meehoon & nyonya curry laksa, very spicy lo!! yet taste delicious!! ~slurpy~

Cendol with sago & gula melaka
fried siam meehoon

nyonya laksa

We still had not enough of melaka food, we went to Jonker street hunt for food. This time we stopped at Jonker dessert, i had durian cendol and baba asssam laksa!! Fu-yoh!! syok syok!!

Jonker's dessert
Assam laksa
Seafood dried noodle
durian cendol

End of the day, we were exhausted, need a place to rest bit. We end up at Geographer cafe, It's a cozy corner. Coz we need AIR-CON & Water!!!


Anonymous said...

Ola, Jo, Mei's here...yeah..yeay...yeay..I've foudn you gal!

Just wanna say 'sorry' if hardly being with u guys. Hope u enjoy the trip.

Wanna let you knwo this, whoaaaa...u guys seriously love to take photos huh~!Salute that!

Rgds: Mei

Levine said...

Wow u updated de. So fast! Nice meeting u :)

Anonymous said...

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