Thursday, April 26, 2007

Melaka trip ~ Museum & Shopping

It was my 2nd time been to Melaka, but please don't ask me for direction, i will totally 'lost' there.
This trip i was so lucky to have pretty tour guides, May, Orange & Shin together with us, we went to Melaka Museum, Chris Church Melaka (red),St John Church, Jonker street & Dataran Pahlawan. Albeit we had limited time to visit all the places, but we truly enjoy the companionship together!
I not even pay attention to read through all the description/ explanation board in the museum, just blindly snapped photo and run. In the museum, we had the opportunity to view all the belonging to the distant past, those 'ages' antique in art. Hm...i still have no clue about the melaka's culture...^-^
St John church not that huge, but i like the 'earthy' look...We spent some times wander around in dataran pahlawan & did little shopping at Jonker street. I bought 3 voodoo dolls there, kinda cheap!! I saw so many beautiful earrings, OMG! can't resist loh.. Actually wanted to buy more stuff, but end up i stop myself to buy all. hehehehe....We went to TKH shop to buy some food goodies, i bought some food for my beloved mummy. ^-^
TKH shopping time

on the way walk up to the hill
Shin & Jo before walk down to the hill
In St John church
Devilish Maverick!!

Mav & his god sista, Shin
I want bomb u with this fort!
Dataran pahlawan
Nice view from hill top
I donno what's the name of this building
Friendly cute Paul lavine,he's good in photo shooting
Make a wish! then throw your coin..

Sylvia & Mav @ St John Church

Handsome Ocean, but only show his backside..hahaha
Lovely sweet couple, Gary & Stacy
St John Church

She was waiting for someone?

So nice stick on the cool wall
Sylvia, Ocean, Jo, Jack, Jason & Stacy
4 guys! Jack,Jason, Shaz & Ocean
Ouch! alamak! any one can help me?
Sammie & Jo
Shin, Mav & Jo @ Museum
Boxing glove wore by Tarzan?
Macho shaz ~ Rambo
Jo, Shin, Mav & Gary

Ship model
Baba nyonya or chinese wedding setting?
Nice piece of clock
Malay wedding hantaran


Do you who is he?


I love this multilever drawer design
Jo & Jason ~mashi in Museum

Jo & sylvia in Museum
Behind me is the windmill
Christ Church Malaka, OMG! so red!
Police were riding horse
Group picture in front of Museum entrance
the red clock town

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