Monday, April 23, 2007

Indo food promo ~ part 3

Yo! people please watch out! i gonna to kill you softly by these YUMMILICIOUS food!! *devilish grin*

Ice kacang condiments
indo salad
H-O-T shaz with his favourite prawn..does he reminded you about Mr. Bean?LOL
Joshua, Shaz's friend who came for the indo promo...makan-makan
Salted fish & lettuce
Tiramisu cake
Cream caramel
Fillet of seabass with almond flake served with lemon butter sauce
seafood & pasta salad
Squid salad
pan fried seabass
roast beef
mussel on ice
Appetizer counter

smoked mackerel
Kerabu salad
Fruits & vege deco
Mango mirror cake
dessert counter
Kuih lapis
salad & dressing
kuih & french pastries
culinary team!!
seafood fried rice
sweet potato dessert with gula melaka
Slurpy dessert
steamy hot satay

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