Thursday, April 12, 2007

Polar Bear Blessing

I've got this polar bear blessing from a friend..very sweet and lovely..

Wishing you In your busy life, there's time for Relaxation..
Good Sleep.... Good Health with Exercise... Someone to Dance With .. a Bit of
Adventure.. Good Looks... But, Most of All ... I Wish You... Lots of Bear Hugs
And The Comforts of Real Love, Many Blessings... May you always have love to share, health to spare, and friends that care. But watch out for those darn penguins! PIAK! the irritating one..^-^

I need a break..
I need some exercises
Making funny face...*wink* Am i cute? adorable?
I need some good rest...ZzZzZz
Do Not Disturb!! FUCK off!! Devilish penguin! don't ever challenge me!
Nah...come kiss my ass...*dun kick me!*
I'm the innocent baby polar bear...i'm walking alone in life..
Called me ice-walker.. ^-^
I need tender-loving-care
Let's dance together..shake your bumbum
I need lots of huggies...

Being grateful for the little blessings
that come your ways....

Be grateful for that unexpected parking lot...
Smile back at the kind stranger who has helped you...
Give thanks to the friendly waitress;
Who gave you excellent service..

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