Monday, April 02, 2007

Bloody Hell!!~~

My precious blood!

1 week ago i went to donate my blood!! i manage to 'squeeze' out 450ml of my precious blood. ^-^
In the morning, i faster grabbed 2 slices of bread and milo before i donate my blood. I was 2nd female to donate blood in the morning!! yeah!!
My big sista, Anna she was the first lady to donate her blood, kick off the blood donation campaign in the morning! *clap! clap!*
Before go for blood test, need to fill up 'bloody' form, lots of info need to declare.
The doctor tested my blood, OUCH! bit pain yeah...She asked me weight myself on the scale, OMG! i lose weights jor.... But thanks god that i am still in the ideal range to donate my blood. ^-^ Then went to another doctor tested my blood pressure and asked me some 'silly' questions. :P
My blood group is O !! Anyone can take my blood, but i only can take back O type! -__-||
I picked my favourite seat to donate my blood, my blood flew kinda fast, within 15 min i managed to donate 450ml blood. Wahlao! Bloody Hell! If anything happen to me, i gonna die very fast tho..! Piak! Touch wood! choi choi choi!
After donation, coffee break has been served outside the room, steamy hot milo, cream chicken soup and coffee, assorted biscuits and sandwiches. Yummy!
Oh yeah! This blood donation campaign gave us a cert...first time i got the cert loh..Damn happy! It's my 4th time to donate blood ever since 1997.

Look, I'm O type!!
Hey! I've got a cert to show some appreciation. :P
Blood campaign poster!
My blood stained on cotton.
Blood donation booklet
My arm....see...see... my blood was flowing out...
The place where i donated my blood

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Calvin's Wife said...

ello... wow u so brave... :( i not yet donate mine, not even once .. (+_+)" takot si... :(